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  1. In my observation the LeafSpy reported SoC has always been within couple of percents the same than e-NV200 reported. However, I assume that this isn't always the case and the same peculiar relation between GIDs and SoC applies to e-NV200 than Leaf. How about reading both (SoC and GIDs) to ABRP and using the one that gives more logical value, i.e. non-zero or non-inf. Naturally there's a difficult decision in ABRP to make when both (LeafSpy SoC and GIDs based) values are logical, but different.
  2. Can't get ABRP lifedata working with Nissan e-NV200 either... Car: Nissan e-NV200, 24kWh, 2015 LeafSpy works fine. Updates SoC to match with the car own display. ABRP running at the same Android tablet than LeafSpy. ABRP acting like there was no lifedata available. Went through all Nissa Leaf an e-NV200 car selections at ABRP. Same effect, ABRP cant find lifedata no matter which Nissan Leaf or e-NV200 model is selected in the car selection.
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