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  1. Hi, The newest version of the ABRP provides an indication of the the amount of kWh corresponding to the % charge required at each charging stop. I have noticed that if you extrapolate the kW to 100% you get large variances in the the calculated total battery capacity. For example, 3 stops, temperature more or less constant 29%->62% (25.8 kWh, @12C), 100% -> 78.18 kWh 21%->63% (34.1 kWh, @13C), 100% -> 81.1 kWh 18%->76% (46.8 kWh, @13C), 100% -> 80.69 kWh Should this be the case? As far as I understand about 84 kWh of the battery's full capacity of 90 kWh is made available.
  2. Ionity is always a good example. EWE-Go card in Germany has a reasonable reduction to 50 ct per kWh. Cross the border into the Netherlands and card doesn't seem to work with Ionity. Then I would switch to Fastned, possibly Allego, which works with EnBW. Concerning charger status, if you set a route does the app dynamically adapt if the proposed charger becomes occupied?
  3. Thanks Katya I was aware of this and am using it to prefer certain networks 🙂. If you are planning a cross border trip then it might be useful to avoid the same networks outside of your home country. When you say "don't have the data" do you mean access to that data? Is it somehow restricted?
  4. Description: It would be really useful to further define preferences for charging providers. For example, when you set a provider such as Ionity you may have a subscription which reduces the fees charged which is limited to a country or group of countries. It would be good to limit your preference in this case to specific countries. Some other apps (thinking of one which combines the sound of a cow and mobility) show the charging fees (per 10 kWh) for different charging cards. Its great to have an overview of the price variation. Plugsurfing at Ionity costs over 1 Euro/kWh whereas Punktladung is around 50 cent. It would be great to be able to add your specific charge cards to your profile. Your routing would then properly display the cost of the suggested charging stop. Further, it could be defined in the options to define your your route based on cost or perhaps just quickest charging time. Use Case: Usage-High
  5. It seems to be working fine now. I was logged into the app on my Phone using "sign in with Apple", so the Premium Subscription was not activated in the phone app for some reason.
  6. Hi, I have a similar experience to Richie. Initially, the Carplay Version would open for a few seconds and then closed again. I then killed the app (Version 4.0.35) on the phone and tried again. This time two options appeared, Premium Subscription and continue (or something along those lines) and freezes there. I have a Premium subscription but it is not recognised on Carplay.
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