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  1. Chris79

    Tronity and BMW i3

    Dear ABRP team, Since the i3 doesn't submit data while driving (only at beginning at and end + charging infos if plugged in) I also was wondering why not calibrate from existing Tronity data? Is this something planned? Best Christoph
  2. I have the same problem (app opens up but closes immediately) using the apple watch app - the common thing is I use also Sign In With Apple.
  3. Same for me.. opens, crashes immediately (at least it is closed immediately). Also tried to re-install.
  4. I could also support. I work in iot software development, so if you need someone "field" testing with dev builds etc. let me know 🙂
  5. Just wanted to let you know I also have this problem on a Watch 5 series.
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