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  1. To my understanding EVnotify is one-way. The App on the mobile in the car reads OBD2 data and regularly updates a server somewhere in the cloud. By the same App on a second mobile you can retrieve the information from that server and receive alerts, i.a. if the server detects an unexpected end of charging, if it does not receive any data for a certain time, or if a predefined level of charging is reached. I could imagine that the part in the car could be done via Torque as well. This would avoid changing the App and the bluetooth connection between driving and charging. Visualising the charge status in ABRP would be fine, but could as well be done via EVnotify as today. The essential issue is to avoid switching the App and reconnecting the BT dongle each time you switch from driving to charging and back. Having a different App (on the second mobile) to remotly supervise charging is not an issue. This said, I could imagine that Torque sends data to ABRP as it does today (perhaps additional data if needed by EVnotify), and ABRP forwards relevant data to the EVnotify server including the identification of the user (ideally the same user name or email for both). Than the EVnotify app could continue, as today, to remotly show the status and receive alarms. For EVnotify this would mean "no change" as long as ABRP could provide data in the same format to the server as EVnotify does it with its own App. By duing it that way, it would still be possible to use EVotify the same way as today, by having an additional input channel to the server via ABRP. One essential thing is that Torque needs to continue retreiving data from OBD2 and sending it out when the car is turned off (during charging). I am not sure that Torque keeps the dongle awake, when the car is off. Of course, the other way around would also be possible. Asking EVnotify to retreive relevant OBD data during driving and transmitting it to ABRP, either directly as Torque does, or by forwarding it from the EVnotify server. In that cas the "in car interface" would be EVnotify and not Torque. But this would mean that EVnotify has to change a lot.
  2. ok thanks, that works fine.
  3. With my e-Niro, EVnotify can retrieve data from the OBD even when the car is turned off, while Torque stops receiving information shortly after the car is turned off. So it might not be sufficient to include the charging supervision in ABRP, but a change in Torque is probably necessary as well. I guess that there must be some kind of command to be send via Bluetooth to the dongle in order to keep it alive, even after turning off the car.
  4. Hi, I configured the upload from Torque to the ABRP folder and I would like to know whether the data does well arrive and is useful for improving the trip planning for e-Niro.

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