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  1. Thanks for the quick fix!
  2. Looking good!!! You're awesome, thanks!
  3. I just went and reconnected. They both have values- and they are both normal numbers!
  4. Perfect-thanks! Yes those are the pid's but I think you have the last two inversed. My car is a 2020 Chevy bolt Lt. I think the correct PID should be 22801e - Air Temp unfiltered?
  5. Fyi. Here are the Temp values from my 2020 Chevy Bolt
  6. I am using Torque Pro to send data to ABRP. A mandatory log setting is for *Air Temp-Filtered. My Bolt is reporting -40c for this value when the Ambient Temp is right around freezing. ABRP shows my -40c when taking this value from Torque too. This seems wrong to me, has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to fix it? Thanks
  7. Any resolution to this, i’m getting a obd2 device and wanted to set this up, but doesnt sound promising.
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