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  1. Gwoity

    ABRP Freezes

    Thanks, will try this out
  2. I tried out a short trip with this option activated and the app didn't freeze! Maybe this is a solution 🤞
  3. Thanks, I will try that setting 🤞🤞🤞
  4. I use Torque Pro to import my real-time data into ABRP. However, navigation freezes when doing this. It works fine if I don't run Torque Pro as well. Don't know if this is a common issue to everyone, or just me.
  5. Gwoity

    ABRP Freezes

    I have been using ABRP and it freezes when navigating on my Google pixel 4a. This past weekend, navigation worked ok... until I activated my Torque Pro app to get real time data. It was running fine for 1.5 hrs, but froze a couple mins after Torque Pro was started. Is this a bug with it getting real time data? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.
  6. Thanks, I will look for some similar setting in my Pixel...
  7. That's exactly what happens to me ☹️
  8. Gwoity

    ABRP iOS freezing

    I am getting this as well on my Google Pixel 4a. Completely frustrating.
  9. I'm running the most recent version of ABRP on my Google Pixel 4a. I have it linked to my Torque Pro account so I can get real-time data from my Chevy Bolt. Everything works great when planning a trip. However, where I run into an issue is when I begin the trip and start navigation. After a few seconds to 5 mins the location of my vehicle will freeze on the map or return to the start of the route. After it happens, the navigation is useless and won't recover. I want to live ABRP, but at this point it is not useable at all. Any help would be appreciated! Thx
  10. Did you ever get a resolution to this? I have a Chevy Bolt, run TorquePro for live data and ABRP on my Pixel 4a and experience the same freezing you mentioned when navigating. I really want ABRP to work, but it's next to useless for me as it stands..
  11. Thanks for the quick fix!
  12. Looking good!!! You're awesome, thanks!
  13. I just went and reconnected. They both have values- and they are both normal numbers!
  14. Perfect-thanks! Yes those are the pid's but I think you have the last two inversed. My car is a 2020 Chevy bolt Lt. I think the correct PID should be 22801e - Air Temp unfiltered?
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