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  1. I had issues with my Veepeak BLE adapter showing up. Is your adapter connected to any other app? I just kept trying and eventually it appeared and I was able to link it.
  2. Great! I don't know if it's me, but the few routes I have used it for when linked directly seem much more accurate than when I used it with TorquePro, maybe it was still learning my consumption patterns?
  3. I was able to get it connected previously, but when I went back it wouldn't show up in the device list regularly. I guess it is still linked, because I do get data.
  4. Has the Veepeak OBD2 reader been updated in the ABRP software? It seems to be picked up now when I start my car by ABRP now without me starting my TorquePro app?
  5. I'm on the beta and the option is under settings... Show Live Data Instructions Link ABRP OBD2 connection. It does seem to get data from my OBD2 now, maybe the last update helped?
  6. Great! Looking forward to it...
  7. This is mine... A Veepeak BLE OBD2 reader
  8. I have always run TorquePro to get live data to my Bolt EV and it has worked fine. I wanted to try the new ABRP direct OBD2 Integration, but seem to be having some issues. It has worked once, but now has a hard time seeing my Veepeak OBD2 reader. I have unlinked my TorquePro and but my OBD2 reader doesn't show up in the list when I try the direct connect and it doesn't seem to connect automatically when I start the app. Any ideas?
  9. I tried out a short trip with this option activated and the app didn't freeze! Maybe this is a solution ?
  10. Thanks, I will try that setting ???
  11. I use Torque Pro to import my real-time data into ABRP. However, navigation freezes when doing this. It works fine if I don't run Torque Pro as well. Don't know if this is a common issue to everyone, or just me.
  12. I have been using ABRP and it freezes when navigating on my Google pixel 4a. This past weekend, navigation worked ok... until I activated my Torque Pro app to get real time data. It was running fine for 1.5 hrs, but froze a couple mins after Torque Pro was started. Is this a bug with it getting real time data? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.
  13. Thanks, I will look for some similar setting in my Pixel...
  14. That's exactly what happens to me ☹️
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