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  1. Seem to have most of the data required now for an initial model, only got the low end of the battery to capture now. Speed (mph) Avg Power (kW) Efficiency (miles/kWh) 0 4.35 0.00 5 5.42 0.92 10 4.94 2.02 15 6.50 2.31 20 8.12 2.46 25 10.75 2.32 30
  2. And a minor change to the PID file, the SoC was incorrect mg5_data.csv
  3. Here's the data I have collected so far https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TpQ_h-SwGnPdipSRbMAexBMcbMsYfCN3W5DyYfFDHXc/edit?usp=sharing
  4. I know that getting an app devleloped for android auto is a pain and last i knew Google were still only allowing closed beta testing of navigation apps. But would it not be possible to have the ABRP, calculate the route, detect if the phone is connected to android auto and if it is, rather than running ABRP as a navigation app, send google maps the navigation intent for the next charge / destination. Then ABRP could just display the useful information it's using to plan the route.
  5. Here's an updated version of the PID's, managed to trick Torque into only updating the values when a none blank response is returned. Working really well now and the data looks good, compared against what my driver display unit says. mg5_data.csv
  6. I think I have a much better way of handling the blank responses that give very clean data. I'll post when I have done some more testing
  7. Car Specs: https://ev-database.uk/car/1313/MG-MG5-EV Driving Model: Option 3 - Direct Car Connection - Details of PID's in csv format for Torque app attached to this post Charging Model: Charge Curve - Insufficient data yet to be able to provide this as the car is brand new Hi, my first post on this forum, I've been quietly following this app for some time but haven't until now actually had use for it. I really think the world needs a powerful tool like this for making the adoption of EV's happen. Keep up the good work! I got a brand new MG5 EV on Christmas Eve th
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