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  1. Hi, That value is not your average consumption, but the consumption you would see when you drive a longer trip with exactly 110km/h or ~70mi/h. Could you give us some samples of inaccurate drives? For example what was estimated and what was the real arrival soc?
  2. You could use Evnotify for example to connect your ID3 via OBD2 to ABRP. Live data does not require premium, you just need a way to supply us with data and we will use it to make it easier for you. You can check here which possibilities you have with your car: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata/
  3. hi @alhdioaurjjdj, there was a problem with one of our servers that is fixed now and we added measures to improve stability. However there is still one tiny problem left, when crossing borders. As a workaround you could add a guidepoint (which is similiar to a waypoint, but invisible during navigation) before the border, then everything should work as expected. For example like this: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=5e3918c9-3f1b-4284-957c-1f2baf0ef640 This is just needed temporarily and will be improved in the upcoming days.
  4. Hi @alhdioaurjjdj, normally this should work. We are currently investigating, why closed roads are not recognized here. Sorry for the trouble. Samuel
  5. It will work until the point where it has to recalculate, for example if you need to take a detour due to traffic or spontaneously closed roads and it has no internet then.
  6. Great, i agree that we could improve on editing the addresses for favorites. Will add an internal note for that.
  7. Android Auto always loads the last planned route from ABRP app. The idea is that you can do complex plans in the app and you can immediately start the route in AA. If you did not plan before you can use the normal search function to find a destination or use the favorites (⭐) or the cloud icon to check your saved plans. Or you can use Google assistant voice search "navigate to xxx". What exactly do you mean with exit? If you do not want to use ABRP you can just stop the route and open any other app you want.
  8. Yes that button with the star ⭐ icon.
  9. Yes, they both show up for me. Could you maybe try to set home and work again? Maybe there is an inconsistency somewhere that might be fixed by setting it again. If not could you please send me a PN with the addresses so I can check it myself, maybe there is something in the address that causes the app to not show it.
  10. I just tried it and both work and home appear in android auto for me. To make this work, both need to be defined in ABRP app. It should look like this: When you click into one of the fields, the list should show up and both work and home need to have a valid entry here. You should see a full address behind both icons. Do you have an address behind both work and home icon?
  11. I already forwarded this internally, however some of our developers are not available right now, so it might take a few more days until we can check what is wrong here. In the meantime could you please check the state of the connection to tronity? You can do so by clicking on the gear icon behind the car in the ABRP app. This will open an overview page where you get information on your car. Should look like this: As you can see i drive an electric bus myself, but i use an OBD app to get the data which works pretty well. Maybe you can also check to find information on how to get OBD data for your car, that makes it also easier for us to get consumption data to promote vehicles from alpha.
  12. Hi, you need to enable beta access in play store, scroll a bit below the comments, activate beta, wait some time and check back to update to beta version. Might take an hour or so until beta is active. Samuel
  13. You can use an OBD dongle to request data. I wrote an app to get some data from the eGolf (and some other cars) so if you have an OBD dongle with ELM327 chip like the OBDLink LX i can send you the app.
  14. Yes this is for Android Auto. Voice input is on the lower right, the microphone icon.
  15. It seems that we did not get tronity data correctly here which also seems to mess up the reference consumption. Reference consumption via SoC only is also quite new, as we do not get detailed consumption from tronity. So it looks like you only got data initally before driving, but not during the drive. We will check. In the meantime could you please check, if you get the correct SoC now (also during drive)? Maybe there was something wrong in the communication between ABRP and Tronity which works again now, that would hep in identifying the issue.
  16. Related to The issue is most likely the same so please follow the other discussions for feedback.
  17. Hi, "Not drivable" means that there is an alternative route that you can not take. It seems that the marker is at a wrong position or maybe too big and covers the exit to the crossing road at that position? If the road itself is not red it means you can still drive it. "Not Drivable" mostly comes from closed roads nearby. That is a pretty new feature, we are still working on adjusting the overlays. Samuel
  18. As stated in the documentation you need to request an API key. The token you use is the user token. To be able to use the API, you will need to obtain an API key and a user token for each user. The Telemetry-Only API keys are free, and get you basic access to the Telemetry API. Contact us at contact@iternio.com to receive a Telemetry API key. The API key identifies your application to our server for authentication. Please check the telemetry documentation here: https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/7396339/SWTK5a8w?version=latest
  19. That is GPS jitter. We already improved logic on that but it seems that some devices jitter more than others. We will look into it again.
  20. Or - which is much easier - you just use the map mode toggle button in Android Auto which appears when the route is started. It toggles though "North up" - "2D rotate" - "3d rotate" - "next step overview" - "route overview".
  21. @Cbegg50 i split this question as the AA feedback thread is meant for getting user feedback so we try to keep it clean. Guidepoints are similiar to waypoints, but you will not see them during navigation. So you can use guide points to force a specific route, but normally you do not want to stop at those points, that is why they are hidden. Waypoints however are normally used to stop at a specific point, like a resting area or a museum or similiar.
  22. We already know, that guide points are not handled correctly for showing distance and time in Android Auto, about the missing instruction i'm not so sure if that is related to guide points. So i need a plan to check this.
  23. Ah looks like that does not exist anymore, sorry for the confusion. Guess we have to provide a way to check the plan again to submit instruction problems that happened during navigation.
  24. If you choose the highest speed you want to drive and enable the option "Adjust speed" in speed settings, ABRP should automatically reduce the speed, if the total trip time is lower. If you find a trip, where this is not the case it can have multiple reasons as the planning is quite complex with all the details that have to be taken into account. If you post some samples here, we might be able to check what is wrong.
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