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  1. For Xiaomi you have to disable energy saver settings for ABRP, that's a problem with xiaomi android. You can check translations for your language here and help improve them: https://github.com/iternio/abrp-translations If instructions or routes are wrong please report them here with samples: Once new beta is available, please update and check again, we did some improvements regarding SoC handling.
  2. Please check https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/topic/2947-lost-abrp-from-aa-after-the-latest-update-beta/
  3. Hi, That is due to the behaviour of Google Play Store. When a new version is pushed that is newer than the beta, the beta is replaced by that version. We will also push a new beta, but review normally takes some hours, but it should be there again soon.
  4. Check your TTS settings in android, i could switch between multiple versions of TTS voice, maybe there is one you like more. You can set the one that is used by default. Not sure though, if that has an effect on the used TTS voice by ABRP, never tried to change it and then test if the output differs.... Edit: i just tried it and it changes the voice used by ABRP, so check if one of the other voices sounds better to you.
  5. There is no sync between AA and ABRP so that the data is always the same. It's like two seperate apps. You can plan with ABRP and then navigate on AA. Did you try the energy saver settings? Maybe that helps with AA. This is definitely wrong behavior of Xiaomi Android version. Normally if there is an Android service it should also be able to run in background and not be locked. I heard of other people running xiamo with screen of when they adjusted energy saver settings.
  6. I could reproduce this behavior and we will fix this soon.
  7. Please uninstall and Install again, some people reported problems after an update to beta. Please also send ma a private message with your account mail that you used when this happened, then I can check if there is anything in the logs.
  8. Sorry can't help you on that topic, i don't know evnotify myself very well. Maybe try to get help here: https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/topic/1452-livedata-from-evnotify Or maybe from evnotify.
  9. The icon near the soc at the top clearly indicates, that ABRP thinks you are charging. If not it looks like this: Not sure where this comes from though. Can you try to unlink telemetry and see what happens?
  10. If you can't open the app on your headunit you do not seem to have the beta installed. There definitely has to be ABRP listed in the head unit app list. Please check if it is there again or check if there is an update. It takes some time until beta is activated and play store offers the update.
  11. We have something planned to get back to drive mode in a way that you can see data again. It's not completely in place yet but will eventually be available.
  12. @Brian D when this occurs, can you please quickly go to the overview of the car (settings -> selected car -> settings icon) and see what the overview says? If it says it's still charging then I would assume that something is wrong with incoming telemetry. If the telemetry says you are still charging, when you are not, that could explain why ABRP still shows that dialog. For example the icon of the selected car on the top has the ⚡ icon at the beginning of your video, which indicates the telemetry says you are charging. At 1:00 Evnotify also says something about faster ch
  13. Yes you need beta. Go to play store and scroll down a bit on ABRP page below comments and activate beta and wait a few minutes.
  14. Thanks for your feedback. Please read the other replies in this thread, especially those about google restrictions. Some of your proposals are not possible. This is still beta and more features are to come, it's not the final version yet.
  15. Can you please check again? I just searched and got a result (see attachment).
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