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  1. @Katya-ABRP can you please check?
  2. Flag shows the whole route, the other one shows route to next waypoint. If you only have one waypoint/destination both modes will show the same but if you have a charge stop in-between you will see a difference. These modes are exactly the same as in the app and not AA specific. There is no extra documentation right now. But we try to align it as close to the app as possible so the features behave the same.
  3. It seems there was a misunderstanding from what Jason said. We do not have anything in place yet for Android, that we put on hold until we have anything in place on iOS. The idea was that if we will ever implement this, that we want to do it in a way, that it works for both iOS and Android. I worked a bit on an Android app myself (google ABetterObdReader). So we have some (unrelated) code that we could somehow take over. But as it runs pretty well individually there is no need for that. We want to make it so we can use the same code base for Android and iOS and that app was just a PoC to support my car that was not supported in any other app before.
  4. The map with least data consumption should be ABRP map and the one with highest most likely a map that includes satellite imagery.
  5. No we did not add live data from them yet, it is from a different source. I contacted them though with still open outcome.
  6. Hi, There is a logic that stops navigation when it thinks you arrived at your destination. It seems you stop before that turn and you are already in the area that is considered as arrival zone. Looks like we need to look into that again. Thanks for reporting. Samuel
  7. So i just tried this with Honda E. No additional settings (130km/h) takes this route (3h27min [or-9min on alt route], 2 charge stops, all motorway): https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=3c35503b-6fa2-452d-983e-b53371aeb372 When i lower speed to 100 it takes this route (3h3, 1 charge stop, until charge stop only slower streets): https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=e453449b-6b8b-4715-8621-2d00277489e1 So I think my proposal still works... If you want to enforce slower roads even more just go down to as low as 80 or 90 and keep some margin to drive faster when needed. But using a guide point is of course another valid approach for forcing a specific route. You could plan a route with normal settings and if you see a road that fits more your needs just select it and create a new route again.
  8. In most cases the slower roads are shorter, so even if you set a speed that matches the maximum speed allowed outside motorways (for example 80 in France, 100 in Germany) the slower roads will most likely be faster even if they go through villages, as they are still shorter. If it is the same length there shouldn't be any problems taking the motorway and just drive with that slower speed if it is still the best option, or not?
  9. @nograin you could set max speed to whatever the max speed on other roads besides highways is. The highways and other roads should be treated equally then, if they have the same max drivable speed. If the non-highway road is short, it should then actually prefer it, as you will not be faster on the highway anyways with that max speed. It will still route you through highways if they are the better choice or only charging option.
  10. Thanks for your great feedback. One question on the crash/freeze you had... Did it by chance happen shortly after switching the app? For example you left ABRP and opened Spotify to adjust the music and then went back to ABRP?
  11. It will tell you when you arrive.
  12. Samuel-ABRP

    EVNotify + ABRP

    Please ask Evnotify support, to relink. I think i remember problems from other people where it said linked even though it was not linked.
  13. Samuel-ABRP

    EVNotify + ABRP

    Evnotify needs to run in foreground to work or you need to enable the hidden background function, but that one does not always work on all phones.
  14. If you see duplicate chargers, please copy the link to the charger. On bottom right click "share" and you will get a link to the charger. That makes it easier for us to quickly check. Thanks! Quick googling of MFG and Swarco seems to indicate that Swarco is the operator and MFG is partnering with them. Will check if we can also fix this.
  15. No, but if a charging session is not marked as such and we do not recognize it, it could have an impact on the personal consumption model. Don't compare board computer to ABRP, it's a different number. ABRP ref consumption is an average consumption when continuously driving 110, where your board computer is the average consumption over all speeds.
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