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  1. On my S I have to enlarge the website by swiping up on that section of the touch screen. The login is at the bottom of the dialog box. Have you tried EVTO from Digital Auto Guides?
  2. Ok, learned something new about my touchscreen. I now can expand it and login.
  3. There is not enough room on my web browser screen to see all the settings. Thus I can't login. I need a way to reduce the settings box.
  4. We're planning a 3000 mile trip through the mountains. What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? Any tips and tricks?
  5. H&E

    Red areas in route

    When trying to plan a trip some legs are in red. I'm assuming that I won't have enough charge to complete that segment. How do I work around these areas? I expected the planner to provide an alternative route even if it adds miles to the trip. I have an all wheel drive S75.
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