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  1. Fixed a few typo's, all seem to work as intended on my 2020 Kona 64kw Name,ShortName,ModeAndPID,Equation,Min Value,Max Value,Units,Header 006_Vehicule Speed,Speed,220100,ad,0,170,kmh,7B3 006_Display Odometer,Odometer,22B002,(h<8)+i,0,200000,km,7C6 006_Tyre Pressure FL,Tyre FL,22C00B,e/5,0,50,Psi,7A0 006_Tyre Pressure FR,Tyre FR,22C00B,(i/5,0,50,Psi,7A0 006_Tyre Pressure RR,Tyre RR,22C00B,m/5,0,50,Psi,7A0 006_Tyre Pressure RL,Tyre RL,22C00B,q/5,0,50,Psi,7A0 006_Tyre Temperature FL,Temp FL,22C00B,f-50,-50,100,degC,7A0 006_Tyre Temperature FR,Temp FR,22C00B,j-50,-50,100,de
  2. Hi I have crawled through github and a few forums and has found a few changes I think should be made to what is sent to the server. Link to my github where the csv files can be found updated with all the pids I have found from different resources: Link to Krolow's Github These files are needed for Torque to have the right pids to sent to ABRP: 002, 003, 004, 005, 006 and ABRP For ease of use I have also made a combined only the necessary pids into a single file file that has all of these for new installers: ABRP_Only Updated: 000_HV_Charging, To correctly flag if charging o
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