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  1. @Jason (ABRP) I started thinking yesterday, are there any benefits or drawbacks of sending both GPS speed and Real Vehicle Speed to the server? I have checked and they are showing equal speed but the Real Vehicle Speed is of course a bit faster to update changes and is also working in tunnels so in my mind it would be the better choice of the two.
  2. In the post I made here I made a typo when fixing other typos (I know the irony, and I cant seem to find a way to edit the post) This is fixed since I discovered it in the csv files on github, just wanted to point it out in case anyone is just copying it from this forum directly to something else. @RupOaseJust like XavDoug said, if you are just looking to get all the necessary pids to get logging to ABRP to work you can use the ABRP only file and it will contain everything that is needed. If you are interested in being able to see other values for your own reaso
  3. Awesome that makes it even simpler !ABRP_ entry removed and I have started sending the Odometer (22B002) instead
  4. Sounds like it doesn't then. My understanding is that before this linked post they did not have a way to log the battery temp that is needed in order to generate new curves depending on the temperature in the pack, could be wrong tho. Since to my knowledge there is still no way to easily differentiate cars with or without the heater it might still not be a good idea for them to make temp based curves since they would be inaccurate if bot cars with and without battery heaters are placed into same curve
  5. My understanding is it doesn't take it into consideration yet, same for if the car has wintermode and it's activated. I recall reading it might come in the future when they have more data, I have not had the chance to test it out so do take my answer with what it is, my best guess until we can get a official answer.
  6. Since 'Cumulative energy discharged' is not used have removed it from ABRP and the ABRP_only file We do have odometer pid in 006 file so I have added it to ABRP and ABRP_only files. The files linked are now updated! !_ABRP_Display Odometer When Torque sends the log this sensor has pid: ec5a94 Do let me know if you want me to name it something other for consistency with other cars or such
  7. Fixed a few typo's, all seem to work as intended on my 2020 Kona 64kw Name,ShortName,ModeAndPID,Equation,Min Value,Max Value,Units,Header 006_Vehicule Speed,Speed,220100,ad,0,170,kmh,7B3 006_Display Odometer,Odometer,22B002,(h<8)+i,0,200000,km,7C6 006_Tyre Pressure FL,Tyre FL,22C00B,e/5,0,50,Psi,7A0 006_Tyre Pressure FR,Tyre FR,22C00B,(i/5,0,50,Psi,7A0 006_Tyre Pressure RR,Tyre RR,22C00B,m/5,0,50,Psi,7A0 006_Tyre Pressure RL,Tyre RL,22C00B,q/5,0,50,Psi,7A0 006_Tyre Temperature FL,Temp FL,22C00B,f-50,-50,100,degC,7A0 006_Tyre Temperature FR,Temp FR,22C00B,j-50,-50,100,de
  8. Hi I have crawled through github and a few forums and has found a few changes I think should be made to what is sent to the server. Link to my github where the csv files can be found updated with all the pids I have found from different resources: Link to Krolow's Github These files are needed for Torque to have the right pids to sent to ABRP: 002, 003, 004, 005, 006 and ABRP For ease of use I have also made a combined only the necessary pids into a single file file that has all of these for new installers: ABRP_Only Updated: 000_HV_Charging, To correctly flag if charging o
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