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  1. I've been navigating a route with guidepoints in it, and I don't think they're being handled right. The distance/time remaining and predicted arrival SOC are being shown to the next guidepoint, not to the next waypoint/destination. Also, I had a guidepoint placed just before a motorway exit that I had to take, and the instruction to take the exit did not show until I had passed the guidepoint.
  2. Ah, good find. I'd seen a clearly incorrect name on a major road in Scotland and couldn't figure out why. Tried to edit in OSM as thought it came from there but couldn't find it. "A9" (with no other name) is becoming "Trans-Sahelian Highway" (in Africa).
  3. Yes, I got the instruction to come off first.
  4. Hi @Katya-ABRP, I don't think so. When I was driving I had the instruction to turn off before I got to the exit and could see that it was going to route back on again after. For the first plan I sent it's like the route selected was the "similar time" route.
  5. Loving the improvements, starting to feel much more polished. One thing I think would be good was if there was a permanent display of distance to the next instruction (or even the full instruction, so I know what road/junction it's going to be onto). It's something I miss from Google Maps, when I've got 100 miles to go down a motorway I always like to see what progress I'm making.
  6. Hi, I've seen the same thing. I'm not sure if it changed while I was driving or not, I didn't look closely enough before I left. I just tried planning for the same section now and it suggests staying on, but with an alternative that takes me off and back on which it says takes the same time, don't know if traffic data could have made it think going off/on was faster at the time (but it definitely wouldn't have been). https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=af04a6b5-8036-418e-a94f-9fa3a4b2db16 In the past I've seen it happen in another place, which involves going through a couple of sets of traffic lights if you go off, so again, never going to be quicker. This one says to stay on currently, and doesn't show an alternative. https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=ee4796a7-7590-457d-afa0-858dc1c52263
  7. @Samuel-ABRP when I saw the issue there was no live data being sent from the car - the SOC was last updated the day before (live data showed as disconnected in the Android app, with a last update time of the day before), but it kept being treated as current in Android Auto. So, as I drove, the destination SOC gradually moved closer and closer to the last reported SOC from the day before (i.e. by the time I arrived the destination SOC was equal to my SOC from the day before). I can see that the last known SOC might be valid to use at the start of the journey but after that it gets pretty misleading.
  8. I was driving yesterday and noticed an issue with the battery indicator. My telematics data wasn't connected, but an old SOC still showed up, and as I drove it seemed to keep thinking that the old telematics SOC was live and update the destination SOC. e.g. the last telematics SOC update was 42% from the day before, ABRP predicted I would use 6% for my drive. At the start the destination SOC was 36% but as I drove it kept a current SOC of 42% and gradually moved to a destination SOC of 42% by the time I arrived. If the telematics data isn't connected should this just be hidden? Also, would there be any way to show the selected car/profile? I think it's a bit easy to forget to change this if it isn't visible.
  9. I've noticed when travelling slower I get instructions like "In 30 feet turn right" (after having had the instruction before at a greater distance too). I think if you're that close the instruction should probably just tell you to turn right without any distance. Also, in British units I'd probably expect the distance to be in yards rather than feet. Edit - just tried using simulator mode on the web to check when it switches from yards to feet, but there it seems to be staying in yards for all distances - was this changed already or is it acting differently on Android Auto?
  10. I have found sometimes that when I approach a junction that the map has already rotated as if I've already made the turn into the new road, which can be a bit confusing. Would be nice to be able to change the map view - personally I prefer a 3D view but can't see a way to change out of the 2D view.
  11. As an English speaker I think some of the directions sounded a bit odd, so I've created a PR with a few changes.
  12. @Jason (ABRP), I'm seeing an odd side-effect of sending data during battery saver events. So, last night battery saver came on around 7pm, but the car wasn't driven. Today, the car was driven and the trip shows up at the correct times in the history, but the graph for the trip cover the whole time since 7pm last night (so hard to see anything in it). I've attached a screenshot to show it.
  13. Excellent, thanks. Just had another thought actually - would it be useful sending a flag to show that pre-heating (by app) is happening? And internal temperature? When it's cold outside heating can make quite a difference to efficiency in the early stages which could skew things. Might be tricky for you to work in though.
  14. I definitely see "drives" that aren't very interesting. I see one in my history of 0 distance, and some up to about 50-60m from GPS drifting around. Filtering on the server could do it, but I think it could probably be most accurate with the device sending the is_driving and is_charging flags, as it can tell ignition is off. I also wondered if it could be affect the calibrated efficiency with these little GPS wanders whilst not driving.
  15. I've been having a go at modifying the script for situations like when the car is pre-heating (switched on by app) or battery saver is running - which were showing up in my ABRP history as charges/drives, which kinds of messes up the stats. Those cause the `is_charging` variable to be set to 1 with the script as-is (due to ignition being off), but if I just detect those and set `is_charging` to 0 then they show up as drives. Is there any way to tell the telematics API that I'm sending data (so that SOC etc is up to date) but that it is not a charge or a drive? I've tried `is_driving` which appears in the script, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. I can't find any docs for this API.
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