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  1. Hi @Katya (ABRP), as TeslaFi, Tronity, and Watch for Tesla are not affected by "legacy" apps at all anymore, there's probably still some room for improvement on your side. 😉 But I'm quite happy with the results already, particularly your quick response to the issue. As of now, ABRP is still updating nicely after almost a day without being disturbed by the three before mentioned services. To speed up the updates of Tesla Remote and homebridge-tesla, it might help a lot if you were willing to release some hints about the required changes to the login procedure. The developers are awar
  2. Hi @Katya (ABRP), thank you for your quick response! It's a bit better now but we are not quite there. As of now, ABRP is not affected by TeslaFi, Tronity, to Watch for Tesla anymore – all three have been updated to the new login procedure and are able to co-exist in peace. I can see ABRP updating every 12 to 15 seconds despite using one of those services or the official Tesla iOS app at the same time. However, as soon as I login with any other app or service that still uses the old procedure (such as Tesla Remote or the homebridge-tesla), ABRP stops updating immediately and a l
  3. Hello everyone, I might be able to bring some light to this issue. I have been experiencing severe issues with all services and apps using the Tesla API for the last two weeks. Only one service could be connected to the API at a time. Whenever another one logged itself in, all others were thrown out immediately – probably meaning that their tokens have been revoked. Only the official Tesla iOS app seemed to be independent, only showing a brief note „Session timed out“ and then loading normally. Those are the apps and services I am using, and all of them were affected: AB
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