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  1. Hello Vrabetz, Unfortunately, EVNotify does not support the Mii Electric (same as VW e-up 2nd generation). I have tried EVNotify while setting the car as being an ID3. Of course, it does connect to ODB2 but, sadly, the PID's seem to be different ! Aaarghhh !
  2. For the moment, i use car scanner (ODB2 dongle) in parallel (Android) with ABRP. So, I can easily compare the ABRP prevision with the real SOC displayed by car scanner. However, it's neither nice nor ergonomic ... Half of the screen is used to merely display SOC (car scanner) while only the other half remains for navigation ... Having both in the same application would greatly enhance the user experience ! Gilles
  3. Description: When ... for any reason ... I quit the planned route, ABRP will display the "replan" button after a couple of seconds ... or a certain distance from the correct route. Anyhow, in many circumstances, a NEW OPTION to put ABRP in "auto replan" mode (like almost all routing programs and GPS automatically do !) would be very useful. Under many driving circumstances, finding and clicking the "replan " button can be very distrcting or even dangerous ! Use Case: I would appreciate an auto replan feature (an option to activate or deactivite this feature would be nice ... ) almos
  4. Oh, that's amazing. Let me know as soon it does happen. I will gladely test it !
  5. I wonder if it would be possible to have life data into ABRP from a VW e-up / Seat Mii electric / Skoda e-citygo ? I think (to be checked) that SOC for it is available in Torque Pro (not completely sure) and OVMS (for sure) ! Any help / advice welcome Thank You / Gilles One more question would be if (in the ABRP release planning) a direct connection from ABRP to OBD2 is planned ?
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