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  1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe? The app seems to get very confused when joining a route in progress.
  2. I do not understand this message, seen in the screen shot. I opened the ABRP app while charging at a supercharger about 1/3 through my planned route (Duluth to Chicago). The car is at 83%. Why does it say I have "3 min left to 76%?" The graph doesn't make any sense either. Cheers, Mojo
  3. It appears that once the token is entered in the car browser, it keeps it in local memory. That's good enough for me. I'll have to do it each time the token expires. Oh well.
  4. (I don't know what "background sharing" means in this context, but I'd like to.) So I'm looking for some way to paste the token in the Tesla MCU browser window. Typing it in is a good ten minute error-prone process. Even with assurances that user/password for tesla.com isn't stored, as long as you offer the token window I'd rather use that. Do you know if the in-car browser will at least save the token until it expires?
  5. I went through the pain of entering my API token in my car once ... Does ABRP store the token with my account? Can I enter it from a computer and have it recovered when I log in from the car? Can I delete existing tokens? Morris "Mojo" Jones
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