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  1. Thanks, that works! But, I would really like to use the app ABPR in American English and still be able to tweak units/formats to my liking. E.g. It would be great to be able to view predicted wind speed in km/h instead of m/s since I use km/h for my car's speed. Same units and no need to multiply by 3.6 in my head 🙂
  2. Description: On a roadtrip you may want to stop at a waypoint (POI) and spend some time there even if the waypoint has no charging. To get more accurate time predictions (ETA), add the possibility to add a time spent (duration) at a waypoint. (I know you can set departure time from a waypoint, but I want duration since that will remain the same even if you fiddle with start time etc) Right now the only way to force a duration at a waypoint is to use the feature for charging time at a waypoint and set the duration you want and set the charge rate to 1 kW (the lowest) to not affect the SoC too much. And since ABPR takes live/estimated traffic and weather into account, the predictions will be better if the duration spent at a waypoint is significant e.g. an hour or more.
  3. Description: I'd like to see an option to make times shown in the UI as 24h instead of AM/PM Use Case: In sweden, at least, people are more familiar with 24h clocks than AM/PM so I would turn the new option to 24h
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