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  1. Hi @Katya (ABRP), thanks for your feedback! Yes, my question was related to the premium features. Unfortunately I can't really help you to connect to the EQC. I am more a user than a techie 😉 But in case I can somehow support your techies and I can try out something on my EQC, please let me know. Chris
  2. Hi guys, m name is Chris from Zurich, Switzerland. Since Feb 2020 I am owning an MB EQC and I love it! I had a BMW i3 before ... to test the electric lifestyle basically. I was totally convinced so I changed our family car (MB GLK) to the EQC. This summer we did the first family long distance trip from Zurich to Nice (~700km, 25 kwh/100km, fully loaded with 2 adults and 2 kids). I would say it was a full success, no issues at all, except that Italy is not very far with regards to HPCs on this route (the Ionity charger south of Milan wasn't there yet).
  3. Hi, does the Premium version already work with the EQC? Are there any features that won't work at all? Thanks ChrisEQC
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