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  1. Hello Katya! Thanks for answering. But you have not answered my questions. I don't have premium access, and so I don't have "My drives". Where do I find the 24 h background setting? Does it make a difference for statistical car data collection (like battery degradation and calibrated reference consumption) whether I use the app while driving?
  2. I'm trying to make sure that ABRP can read my data and provide good car (Tesla) statistics. I use only the Android app. But I cannot find out how to set it up and how to use it to optimize the car statistics. It does recognize my car and reads some data from it, like SoC, range, temperatures, odometer, battery capacity and degradation. I keep reading about a 36 h background setting, but cannot find it anywhere. I'm also not sure whether I want to keep the car awake, wasting energy for 36 h, while it is parked. Questions: Where do I find that 36 h setting? Do I have to have t
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