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  1. Mine started to crash again, after the new update I got to day ? Edit: Reinstall the Watch app, and did what @Katya-ABRP guide says, had to do step 4 a few times.
  2. Mail on the page I linked to ? https://github.com/EVNotify/EVNotify/issues/204#issuecomment-761595890 "For current removal: Write me a mail with your AKey to info(at)EVNotify.de"
  3. If you reset the token, EVnotify needs to know that, so he can reset the link til ABRP. Or he did, when I did it. Edit: Look at this: https://github.com/EVNotify/EVNotify/issues/204
  4. Think you need EVnotify to reset the link for you, before you can relink to ABRP. I had to do that with me EVnotify PnP, before I could relink.
  5. Looks like it started working again today by it self? ?
  6. I'm not getting email, when a topic I follow gets an update ? I'v set it to "Immediate notification" on all the topics I wanna follow.
  7. The new update broke the apple watch app, now it crash on startup ?
  8. @Katya (ABRP) Any news? Anything we can do to help you to fix it?
  9. What Apple Watch do you have?
  10. First time charging with EVnotify connected to Abetterrouteplaner. It saids that I got 0kWh energy charged? ?
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