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  1. I just tried again to see if it would show anything that a pop-up was blocked but it did not. I then cancelled, set preference to allow pop-up windows for this website and then tried again. It showed then the payment information I had just entered and it went through, now it is showing I have a valid payment method. Note that I never got the 3d secure authentication dialog box. I think it has something to do with popup windows being blocked but it does not seem to show then in the browser that one was blocked.
  2. I've now been trying for multiple days to submit my credit card for the premium features, yet each time after entering my credit card details it just sits there spinning. How can one submit their credit card for payment?
  3. Hi, I have 3 saved plans that I can see from the app on my phone (iOS). Two of those plans have been there for months now (one I just created on my phone a few days ago) but when going into the browser it did not show any saved plans. I then created a new plan through the browser and saved it, I can see that. But on my phone that plan does not show up. I also verified to make sure that in both I'm logged in using the same account and I am.
  4. Created a few saved plans for upcoming trip. Some of them are still in "rough" as I do not yet have like actual hotel or so. I know how to pull up a saved plan and that I can then make adjustments. But it seems the only way then to save those adjustments is to click on "Save Plan", resulting in a new saved plan. Is there any way to update an existing plan instead? Now I save the plan, then go to saved plans, delete the previous version and then rename the updated one. Would be nice to be able to have it update the saved plan or to save as a new plan.
  5. ehendrix23

    Fewer stops

    I just tried to "mimick" your route but I got like 4 (or 5) charges. Planned it starting from New York (as you mentioned North Jersey) and I get 6 supercharger stops. Now, some of my settings might be different then yours. In settings I currently have it to arrive at a charger each time with 20% left. If I change this to 10% left then the number of supercharger stops goes down to 4. Might want to check into that. You can also click on a supercharger on the map and then state do not use, then have it recalculate your route.
  6. Progress. 🙂 I just tried it. Now I can see the pop-up to enter my credentials. Problem now is that as I am entering my email, whatever I type shows and then disappears again like it resets.
  7. Having what is probably a similar issue in my Model 3. When I click for ARBP login nothing is shown as far as I can tell. Clicking on Tesla logging does show me the popup for providing Tesla credentials.

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