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  1. I’ll do my best, but DC charger are very expansive..
  2. Hi @Jason (ABRP), do you also need information about the charge? I have 6kw AC at home, let me know if I have to leave electrified opened
  3. perfect, I used to keep open ABRP and electrified in background but this kills the battery... ok so only electrified and internet connection is enough, thanks 🙂
  4. You’re the best! I’ll keep driving, and keep it opened in low speed too.. is enough that I have opened electrified and abrp or do I have to also set a navigation plan?
  5. Which OBD are you using? I don’t have this kind of problem actually... @Jason (ABRP) how is the data I’m sending you? Do you want me to do something different, maybe in highway, for help you to improve your calculation? I’ve seen if I’m going to 74km/h all the data goes in 70km/h “section”, is it right? Do you prefer me to go like 70 or 80 and no in the middle? another thing I wanted to ask you, I see very very low consumption @110 km/h if I’m going very slow (no bad accelerations and constant speed) but if accelerate a lot or I go at real 110, consumption is very different( it chang
  6. Description: Weird calculation from home to the mountain with a charge in the middle Type: app and website Link to Plan: -- prefere not to share in the forum since its my houses Replication Steps: I just used my house as starting point and the other one as destination. it has calculated the "correct" streets, but if I need to charge my car it start giving me weird trips, avoiding some charging point that I set as preferred. it still use different chargers and if I start deleting the one he chooses it starts giving me weird trips.
  7. Hello Jason, did you have any news from Apple? it would be really really good, I am having some troubles with the android app (which I use for send you data) and I just can't use ABRP as navigator from that phone... we all need Apple Car Play support!
  8. Hi Jason, I’ve been able to extract data via Electrified app. If you can we could set the API for start sending you data:)
  9. I am looking in the forum you post here... THANKS 😄 ill keep you updated, hope it really works..... tomorrow I'll try 🙂
  10. Hi guys, sorry if im reply to this old post. I am a Mini Cooper SE owner, im trying to extract data from OBD to send it to ABRP. I bought Autopi.io but I can't find the right protocol to connect the car and the autopi. how did you manage to connect and have replies from the car? I've seen someone is using a computer program.. what is it?
  11. Hi Jason, I just contacted you via email. Sorry I didn't see this topic. i talked with autopi staff and they told me they should be able to read some data from the car since it's similar to BMW i3. we could try to send data, next week should arrive my autopi.
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