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  1. My Calibrated Reference Consumption is way off It started at -3257 I have done a few trips and it started to go to 0. but then it went up to +12410 and I can't get it down. I can not plan any trips in the web interface even when I use my own consumption settings. On the phone there are no problems. I use a Android phone that says in the car, maybe it goes of when the car is charging/saying idle. The reset
  2. I Have connected the Beta version of EvNotify to my VW ID.3. I use a Android phone as a gateway in the car. Now the Calibrated reference consumption is wrong. See picture 😀. It looks like that it was calculated when the car was charging. The reset button does not seem te work. I drove today a bit (max 80KM/H), but it did not reset. Is this a bug in ABRP or Evnotify?
  3. Is it possible to switch (automatic) between live data providers. I have EVnotify and Tronity connected to My VW ID.3. EVNotify is great wil driving, but sometimes the dongle/telephone disconnects. Usually while charging or when the car is Idle. I can t find a way to switch between the providers.
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