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  1. @Jason (ABRP) thanks, that's seem to fixed it. Just on observation, if I log from 2 different browser on my android phone it will give me 2 different tokens on each browser (see screenshot attached) but live data is working on both browsers regardless of token. But why different browsers give different token, isn't it supposed to be the same?
  2. @Jason (ABRP) after you mentioned you did some fixed few days, my stats from Ioniq started working for the first time since new web server, but it stoped working after your latest post. Thanks.
  3. After charging to new web address and inserting token, it's not updating on live view. It worked on old web address. With old setup it was wrong web address on setup wizard I had to dig a correct one on forum and it worked. Could you check web address for Ioniq, please. Other thing is when I quit Torque it shows a window stating log uploading left (see screenshot).
  4. When ABRP route me through 22kW charge it says my car will be charged, let's say, in 40 minutes to full from 20%. But Ioniq only charges at 7kW nd it'll take almost 4 hours, instead of 40 minutes and this messes the whole trip time wise. I did select my car as Hyundai Ioniq.

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