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  1. Two Tesla 3 owners told me, that in winter their M-3 would lose roughly 30% in range compared to summer time. As one can enter outside temperature in ABRP, I assumed, this would be taken into account. Strangely though, there's barely any effect? Let's look at two examples, both with M-3 LR AWD 19", going from Salzburg (AT) to Riva del Garda (IT): 1. 20°C outside temperature: 4h17 (thereof 8 min. charging from 33-54%) with 11% remaining charge at destination: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=6886b16e-2291-4592-b639-7c5005284b4b 2. -10
  2. Does anyone know when the Enyaq will be available in ABRP? Thanks!

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