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  1. I notice the missing chargers have now all reappeared today.
  2. That's very strange - it was definitely there yesterday as when I planned the route in advance it was one of the selected chargers. Since I can't see any of the several Instavolt chargers on my route I wonder if it's an external database issue?
  3. Hi, I'm currently at the Instavolt chargers in Carnforth here: https://goo.gl/maps/LbhM278RsYYb8fXW7 As you can see on the screenshot it's not showing up in ABRP - I've reset all settings, made sure my Leaf and Chademo are selected but none of them are showing?
  4. I planned a route in advance last night in the UK preferring Instavolt and Engenie chargers. This morning all of the chargers on those networks have disappeared from the map and aren't being used for planning. I've tried clearing user data (Android app) etc but they will not show. Has a bug removed them from the database?

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