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  1. Since Covid-19 arrived and lock downs in Australia especially Victoria I have been using A better route planner for plan for escapes (EV trips) when we can cross the state boundaries. So I would like to share the Plan to drive around Australia trying to keep to the major Highways. This has meant I need to add in manually the proposed stops (I used Plugshare) that i found as the east cost of Australia is the only place that there are fast chargers and The planner is brilliant at sorting out. The car I used is Hyundai Kona 64 Kwh version so after completing the planning it totalled 13,556 kms. This exercise just shows how brilliant the Planner is and the people who are developing it are exceptional as they are on the other side of the globe but have an incredible application that can be adapted to anywhere on the globe. Anyway enough of that he is the shared version of my planner https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=26b09dfa-9d0f-4d8d-aab4-55d475028a27 You maybe interested in checking it out...
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