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  1. Hi Jason. This has been open for quite some time. Were you able to make any progress? It is a real hassle to share ABRP routes (or even waystops) with Audi/MyAudi.
  2. Hi. Is this a way do display ABRP via Android Auto? Could you give step by step instructions for beginners:-)? Thank you!!
  3. Picture taken earlier this week: charging at a Fastned station in the Netherlands. E-tron is charging at... 152 kw, which is 2 kw more than its maximum:-).
  4. I am not a specialist, so please explain what this API-post means. How can I connect my e-tron to ABRP? Can I plan routes and send them to the car? Better yet: can i use ABRP in the car now?? Or what exactly? I would certainly share your excitement, if I (and other simple e-tron owners) would be able to understand what this is all about.
  5. Herman


    Hi Jason. Thx for your reply. As for the default Waze settings: I already tried that. It doesn't work. Still opening Waze.
  6. Herman


    Hi, I have Google Maps as my default navigation app in Android Auto. When I plan a route with ABRP on my Mac, then send it to my phone (share - copy link - email), and then open the mail/click the link in my phone, ABRP opens Waze by default. I cannot change that. Same thing, when on the mobile ABRP site: Share -> google Maps links -> open - then it is Waze that opens. Why is this and how can I change it? I would like to have the default nav app in Android Auto to be the one that is opened through ABRP. There is a workaround: copy the ABRP link, go to the mobile browser on my phone, paste the link - confirm you want to use the Google Maps app. Thanks. Herman
  7. Cannot help you yet: my etron is scheduled for delivery end of July:-). Some delay.
  8. (Workaround, apparently: save a trip/plan and use that as a start/reference for the next trip.)
  9. How can I save my settings? Every time I go to the web app, it shows the default E-Tron settings: 130 km/h, outside temperature 0 (??), extra weight 100 kilo. I would like to change that. Can I have my own car profile?
  10. Hi, if I calculate a route, including the return trip, and then send it to Google Maps, I only receive the first half of the trip. Meaning: until the destination. The trip does not include the way back home. Any suggestions? Thanks. Herman/Belgium
  11. Hi Jason, No idea what it would take, effortwise, but did you make any progress? Regards, Herman
  12. Thanks, Jason. That is unknown territory for me, I'm afraid. What exactly to you need?
  13. Thanks, Chidar. That is no longer possible. I'm pretty sure it used to be, but it no longer is.
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