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  1. Currently there is no way to resend the default units. They will be sent before the first telemetry packet automatically. If that was successful the units won't be sent until the app is restarted. Since I started already switching to the new API I won't make any changes here anymore. I guess I'll get the first version ready in the next few days.
  2. @Jason (ABRP) Hi, did you change anything with the pids too? Or is ist just the new URL for the API and a token instead of the mail adress? I wonder if the token is still "eml" in the API call? Thanks!
  3. Do you want do build it yourself? If so then you have to pull the all the /system/framework files from your car to your computer. Then you have to deodex com.lge.ivi.jar and convert it with dex2jar back to java. Then you rename it to com.lge.ivi.jar and put it in the directory. Since this is property of Hyundai I'm not allowed to distribute it. If you don't want to build it yourself grab the apk file from the releases.
  4. Download the apk from the releaes on GitHub. Then follow this guide to install apps.
  5. Ok so here it is, after long and hard work from Jason and me I finally released ABRPTransmitter. https://github.com/g4rb4g3/ABRPTransmitter It uses all the available data (GPS, SoC, Energy consumption, Temperatur) and transmitts it to ABRP. 🙂 Just install it, start it, enter your mail address you have used to register at ABRP and the app will start to push the data. Once it's configured it will autmatically start in background when the cars navigation system had a GPS lock. Special thanks to Jamson who supported me alot!
  6. Wow, cool news. Great you would add temperature parameter for that! Would it make sense to add one for heading too? It's the car that reports those values and in the webview it worked pretty good. I don't plan to implement a webview anymore since there is no one working on this old version of Android anymore that works with your site too. And it doesn't support the Chrome provided webview too since support was added with Android 5 and the Ioniq has 4.2.2.... So I thought about shipping a pretty small apk that just uploads the car data to your site. Then anyone could install a modern browser like Firefox and open your website. So to sum it up, anyone interested would have to install two apps and make sure the Ioniq can go online somehow. Give me a few more days to finish up everything and then we could setup some instructions for interested people.
  7. And another question, is there a paremter for outside temperature to?
  8. Thank you alot for the information! HDOP & PDOP seem to show you how exactly the GPS position is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dilution_of_precision_(navigation) In the frontend you seem to use the heading in function setCarLocation(lat, lon, heading, locationinfo, timestamp). When I tried you website in my webview calling the setcarlocation with heading the cursor always showed the right direction. Yesterday I just tried it with Firefox and sometimes the cursor moved sideways because it didn't turn around. Thats why I asked if there is support for more gps parameters via url. For the Session ID I thougt about a simple timestamp yyyymmddHHmmss, no special chars just numbers. That should work out for you if you combine it with mail address for you analysis. Are the values for voltage, current and so on important for anything? Because it seems that I can't get those values. I just get the SoC. And another thing, who often can I call the url from your server? Because it seems like I get a few updates per second. That would be too much I guess, do you know a "best practice" value?
  9. Somehow I struggled to finish my post.... I just have a few questions, first of all I don't understand the time format for the url... It's not an unix epoch timestamp, but what is it then? Another thing I would like to know is if there are more gps parmeters that I can send to your webserver? From the Ioniq I get the full package including heading, hdod and pdop. In the javascript I found out that it uses heading too, any chance I can send that via the GET request too? And whats then maximum length of the session id? I played around a little bit yesterday already. I just created a simple app with a WebView loading your site. Then I called the setcarposition everytime I got a broadcast message from the navi unit. See yourself:
  10. @Jason I found out about you route planner in www.goingelectric.de forum. That place where I found out that the Ioniq navigation unit is Android based too. 🙂 A few days ago I discovered that the navi sends out a broadcast with the exact gps coordinates. Before I already discovered how to communicate with the so called "GreenCarManager" which provides the current SoC and other stuff. So I have almost everything to create an app thats installed to the navi system and talks to your webserver. 🙂

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