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  1. Thanks! Might try that just for fun, but I really don't like work arounds. It's not really a problem, I can also manually add waypoints on this smaller route to force it there. On google maps you can for example click and drag the route to fine tune it. And in the end I will still go that route as I know it, but traveling where I'm not familiar it might help. Thanks!
  2. Yes, there are workarounds but how efficient is that? Also I'm not sure if clicking avoiding chargers or are permanent or only for just the specific planed route?
  3. Or even specify the number of charge stops you wish.
  4. Description: An option to force the route with no charging stops Use Case: I would try to avoid charging as it takes time, costs money, charger might be broken etc. So for me it would make sense to force ARBP to plan without charging stops. This by maybe choosing smaller roads and suggesting lower speeds. Knowing my neighborhood I can easily go these 70-80kmh roads making the trip 20km shorter and still make it safe. Today it often suggests going on a longer route to connect with a freeway and adding only like 10-20% on a 50kW DC charger when you could have gone a shorter route with no c
  5. Logging in fixed the problem. Don' know why though.
  6. Sort of on topic... How do I grant ABRP access to GPS Signal in the Ioniq? Google says Android 4.2.2 don't have a permissions session active to grant access. Any hints? Thanks!
  7. Any news here? Anyway another vote for AA from me!
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