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  1. Dear developers, i tried now leaf spy pro android version instead of ios. same behavior. i tried 3 different types of obd dongles. 2 smartphones, three dongles and 2 leafspy pro-versions later... i ask myself, is there anything i can try to make this work? why do i see two soc and gid values in leafspy? can someone share his leafspy settings?
  2. I tried now 4 OBD Dongles.... but no change. Is there anyone with a working combination of E-NV200 using Livedata with Leafspy and ABRP? Is there any alternative getting live-data into ABRP? Why cant ABRP read OBD-Data directly from the dongle without using LeafSpy?
  3. Should i try another OBD? Currently its a Lelink 2 BLE OBD-II... some kind of input would be wonderful
  4. I dont know if the following information helps to solve the problem: - my car is also an e-vn200 (40kwh) - the gids in leafspy are also showing two values, changing every 2-3 seconds - the first of the two SOC-values in ABRP matches the SOC shown in the car Is there anything i can do?
  5. Hi, yes, i see a value now! To be exact: i see two values. Its jumping from 32% to 23% (back and forth). LeafSpy is showing 38%. The graph while driving showed a zic-zac.
  6. Hi, my odb-dongle connects with LeafSpy and ABRP. But the SOC stays allways at 100%. All other data is synced every 5 seconds. What can I do? I am not yet using the premium version, but i will when this works. The SOC value in LeafSpy is correct.
  7. so all parameters are available... cant wait to see the nv200 totally being supportet, including live data from the odb dongle.
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