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  1. Hi @hgmichna, 1. We do our very best not to waste battery / cause phantom drain and to let the car "go to sleep". Currently, if you stop using the app (not open the app, not log in on web) we'll slow down requests after 24 hours. 36 hours was something we did previously. There is a premium feature called 'My drives' which saves your driving and charging sessions, if you're premium (or in trial) it can be activated under the vehicles settings as 'Save my activity'. 2. You don't have to be using the app while driving to use 'My drives', we'll log all activity as long as you have '
  2. Hi @Nikolaj, Which charge monitoring app was it that displayed similar issues? /Katya
  3. Hi @Giessie, Good to hear! In the cases where it still does not work is it in any particular situations or places or is it completely random? Would you also say that your location on the map follows as should? /Katya
  4. Hi @FlorentIoniq, We don't add and edit chargers manually however we do sync with a few open and editable databases which users themselves can add missing chargers to. Additions and edits will be visible within 24 hours in ABRP. You can read more here: /Katya
  5. Hi @FlorentIoniq, The linked charger now shows: ChaDeMo 62 kW CCS 62 kW Type 2 43 kW So it looks like you were successful in tweeting at them 🙂 /Katya
  6. @Nikolaj okay, then it could very well be; - Something with the car itself, or - That the car communicates via Tesla servers that have issues Or, that Tesla has made some change/mistake which only impacts a number of cars (because yes, it is strange that is happened all sudden). Either way we haven't gotten reports indicating that it would be a problem general for Tesla users. You're supposedly just unlucky 😕 /Katya
  7. Hi again, @Mats Persson, I can see that we initially got data for your car until about 14:55 CET, then there was multiple failed attempts but shortly after, at about 15:07 CET we had successful requests again. Since then there has been no failed requests. Little bit unsure if you tried to logout/in at around 15:00 CET to restart it? @Nikolaj, Doesn't look so good for your connection however. Requests were successful until 13:54:23 CET however now we're not receiving anything. We'll keep looking, definitely. If you are using any other apps/services which can retrieve information
  8. Hi again, @Mats Persson I can see that we just received data for your car, since today 13/11 12.43.07 Did you perhaps log out and back in? @Nikolaj Got it, then the 2FA shouldn't be the issue here. Have you attempted to log out and back in recently? /Katya
  9. @Nikolaj Do you remember approximately when you activated it? /Katya
  10. Hi @Mats Persson, @Nikolaj, Okay, we'll keep looking then. Do any of you have 2FA activated on your MyTesla accounts? (It should not make a difference from what we've seen so far but things can always change) /Katya
  11. Hi @Giessie, Could've been the case yes. Okay, we released the update for iOS just a couple hours ago. v4.0.29 🙂 /Katya
  12. Hi @Giessie, It is possible that 'my position' wasn't refreshed after having previously been more or less the same location as your home address. We do have a coming update with improvements for route directions, it should improve things like these issues. What device model and OS version are you using the app on? /Katya
  13. Hi @Giessie, I've looked at the emails you sent us and and it appears that it is an attempt to calculate between the very same two locations which has failed all three times. The locations are; your position and an address. When looking at both of these two it appears that they're about the very same position on the map and this is a case which the planner cannot handle currently, thus it fails. It is on our to-do-list to give a better response in such situations. If your driving deviates significantly from the planned route the app will automatically re-plan to find a way to the fin
  14. Hi @Steve Davies, Okay, so you were using Firefox on iPhone 7 plus and not the iOS app when the crashes occurred? That could've been the case, we're working to improve things regarding linked cars so that users can also read a status on the connection but it will depend on the type of connection (how much of a status we can get). /Katya
  15. Hi @Mats Persson, @Nikolaj, We're still looking into this but we've changed how we treat getting a 401 (error message) back from Tesla, making further attempts to poll the vehicle before actually settling at the token has been unauthorized. It may be that Tesla has some kind of issue on their side, or that they throw this response at random. Could you try again and see if it helped? Nikolaj: I can see that we've polled the vehicle this morning 10-11-2020 08:51:47 CET to check if the vehicle was awake. No proper response was given at that time, which is quite common with Tesla but the
  16. Hi @Nikolaj, @Mats Persson, Tesla's servers can in some cases unauthorize the token, which is created for the connection when you log in as we don't store the actual password. This usually happens when the password for the MyTesla account is changed or similar but it can also happen for other reasons, only Tesla themselves can really answer to that. We will of course monitor this issue and we'll also improve and add a status for the connection letting users know when the connection has been broken. Have you tried logging out and logging back in? /Katya
  17. Hi @KillCoffee, It will be quite difficult to see what really happened here without being able to look into the specific settings for this plan. If you'd like you can send the link to us privately, by email to support@iternio.com /Katya
  18. Hi @MAlfare, Could you perhaps show us the toll-free route so that we better can understand where there is a potential problem? /Katya
  19. Hi @Michael P, Thank you for reporting this, we'll look into it! /Katya
  20. Hi @Giessie, Welcome 🙂 If you've made a plan that requires charging, yes the planner will direct you to a suitable charger according to the plan. It will not tell you to go to a charger merely based on the live data but instead: "if you're going from A to B you'll need to charge and you'll do the whole trip the fastest way by charging for X time at Y charger". We do have navigation instructions / route directions, have you checked if this option perhaps is turned off? You'll find 'Route directions' in: Settings (detailed) if you scroll down to 'App settings'. There are som
  21. Hi @Rpg, In the settings for the linked plan you've only selected 'Tesla CCS'. This will exclude any other chargers than Tesla V3 superchargers. If you select regular CCS it'll show up 🙂 This one, correct? https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=9076114 /Katya
  22. Hi @Draco Argentum, Totally! And we've actually already fixed this, units etc. is now tied to the language you select. Selecting Swedish, or if you'd prefer English; "English United Kingdom" will display times in 24h format instead. (The iOS app update is still in review but should be out soon, Android an web is all done) /Katya
  23. Hi @AndersSkov, Do you know if you've shared the added vehicle to the other people in your household, or if they've added the car themselves to their own accounts? /Katya
  24. Hi @Matteo Rivola, We actually had the web version and android app updated with this feature added just yesterday but we're still waiting for Apple to approve the update for the iOS update. So if you're an iOS user you'd currently have to make the change in settings through the web version. Settings (detailed) > Battery & Chargers > Chargers to avoid /Katya
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