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  1. Hi @Rav, We do have a comparison similar to what you requested actually. You'll find it here: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/cars/ It isn't yet possible to enter the conditions yourself (it would likely be a bit too heavy for the planner to do all those calculations at once) but it does provide a fairly good comparison on drive vs charge time, number of charging stops etc. in a table. Cost is however not something we're able to make very good estimates on yet as we're still lacking quite a lot of accurate price information. /Katya
  2. Hi @seeMKgo, Tesla provides some different range estimates and we happen to prefer to use the most pessimistic of those. The value in the Tesla app is most likely the "rated" range which is rather optimistic. I know model S and model X owners can switch between different range types but I'm not really sure if this is available for model 3. /Katya
  3. Hi @BoringUsernameRuleFrom80s, Looks like iOS, what version of the app are you using? Make sure you're using the latest version and then log out and log back in with MyTesla and the connection should be authorized again. There's been changes on Tesla's side and we've made adjustments accordingly. Android and web has been up to date for some time but the fixes were delayed a bit for iOS due to Apple's long review time. /Katya
  4. Hi @caf, May have been a temporary glitch. The link makes a valid route now by including the supercharger in Goulburn, was it perhaps this one it drove past previously? /Katya
  5. Hi @dyxyl, Might have been a temporary glitch, because the linked plan doesn't say the same as the screenshot now. We have been updating the maps during the weekend so it is possible it caused some interference with speed limits. /Katya
  6. Hi @Haysdb, Please attach the link to the plan and we'll be able to take a closer look at what went wrong here πŸ™‚ /Katya
  7. Hi @rhackenberg, @HChomat, It had been nice if the app ran well on Chromebooks but currently it doesn't seem very easy to accomplish. We advise Chromebook users to run ABRP in their web browser. It is correct that Chromebooks are popular but the main usage of the app version is still on phones and tablets. /Katya
  8. Hi @FlorentIoniq, Little update, got a response from Plugsurfing and I can confirm they've had it corrected on their side. It should be visible within 24 hours in ABRP. /Katya
  9. Katya (ABRP)

    Bad UI logic

    Hi @Jojo, Agree! That is somewhat confusing and unnecessary πŸ˜… I've added a ticket for it and we'll look into how we can improve this. /Katya
  10. Hi @Jean Charles, From what I understand the car model can charge at up to 47 kW DC so the model itself isn't set incorrectly. However you'd like the option to have the planner automatically plan to charge at lower speeds, correct? /Katya
  11. Hi @BertranDele, Do you perhaps have a link to this plan? It'll help us look into what went wrong πŸ™‚ /Katya
  12. Hi @Steve Davies, We do have issues with the centering for certain map options and we're looking into how to fix this. Do you remember which map setting you had selected? And yes, there are things regarding the layout we can improve. Thank you for the input! πŸ™‚ /Katya
  13. Hi @Marc O., @MAlfare, Thank you both. I've looked in OpenStreetMap to see if there's any particular point of the non-toll route that is mislabelled. It doesn't seem to be the case but the planner does for some reason avoid to cross over the Arlberg Schnellstrasse when trying to avoid tolls, yet it is possible to force it to take the route if adding an extra waypoint. I've therefore set labels to clarify that the bridge is indeed toll-free in OSM, it may help but it'll take at most a week before we've ran the weekly update of the maps. /Katya
  14. Hi @FlorentIoniq, Ah, sorry! I overlooked the values thinking it was a charger you were missing. I've had this reported to plugsurfing and hopefully they'll be able to correct it soon. Meanwhile if you do use this charger in planning, you can edit the kW manually by clicking the cogwheel next to it in the list of stops. /Katya
  15. Hi @A900ss, @Gleb, We do aleady list the distance in the drive logs and we've already added the added kWh for the charging sessions so, also adding an estimated consumption per driving session shouldn't be too difficult. The cumulative miles/kWh is something we already do for linked vehicles. As you drive ABRP calibrates your reference consumption and you can see the value either by looking at the setting for reference consumption or by looking at the settings for your added vehicle. /Katya
  16. Hi @NormVA, This doesn't seem to be related to the original topic, however I'd be happy to take a look at the plan to see if there's anything we can improve. Just attach a link to the plan. /Katya
  17. Hi @rotwildc1fs, Yes, we are working on such a feature πŸ™‚ /Katya
  18. Hi @FlorentIoniq, Strange, I cannot find it in OpenChargeMap, perhaps something failed in the registration of it there. Otherwise adding it to OCM usually works flawlessly. GoingElectric.de also works but the site is unfortunately only available in German. This is the one replaced by a fast charger? https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=2624827 /Katya
  19. Hi @michelb, Nice that you found the other thread, here's a description including pictures of all the different statuses: For the chargers which have status data it’ll be displayed visually. Each square represents a column of the charger type specified to the left and the color of the squares represent their status. Operational [Green outline, no fill] No data for this column, assumed operational [Gray filled] Non-operational [Black filled, red X] Premium users will in addition to this also be able to see usage status for chargers which we have such data for. Currently
  20. Hi @Giuseppe WTCO, Have you made sure that you've also selected 'Tesla CCS' among fast charger types? You'll need to have this option selected to be able to view V3 chargers in Europe. It is this one right? https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=5394831 /Katya
  21. Thank you @FlorentIoniq, Looks like it was imported now πŸ™‚ https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=2624827 /Katya
  22. Hi @Lemming, Got it! Supposedly the other services will update soon and the issue is solved that way. But we'll look into if there are still improvements we can make on our side. /Katya
  23. Hi @DrJoshua, First check that your settings and selected car model in ABRP allow you to view them. If they still don't show up please attach the link(s) to the destination(s) and we'd be happy to look into it. /Katya
  24. Hi @Lemming, @Mats Persson, @Nikolaj, We've now made adjustments on our side and the connection should work if you log in again! πŸ™‚ /Katya
  25. Hi @Lemming, Awesome, thank you for the information - this points us in the right direction at least! @Mats Persson, @Nikolaj we'll look into how we can get around the changes Tesla has made. /Katya
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