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  1. Hi @caf, Both plans seem to give the same result, 2 h 7 min. Is this not the case for you? /Katya
  2. Hi @Dr DuMont, As Barry replied above, no there is currently no manual but it is on its way. Regarding the '4' in reference consumption, you might have clicked the unit button to switch to mi/kwh @ 65 mph which is equal to 250 wh/mi @ 65 mph. You should be able to set 'Departure SoC' to 100% in Settings (detailed) > Departure SoC, is this not possible? You might need to be more specific with inputs, such as adding the zip code, state etc. You can also type the location and then select a matching option among the suggestions in the drop-down. If you're using the web
  3. Hi @Bert Hogendoorn, It appears that the snowmobile track was marked as a 'minor road' in OSM while it would've been more correct to mark it as an 'unmaintained track road'. Additionally, and I've seen this before, parts of the Trans-Canada Highway had it's direction a little messed up. What you see in OSM at this level of zoom does not include information about any part of the highways direction. Nor would a road marked as 'minor road' be visible. Users can make edits in OSM and if you click the blue line of the route you'll be able to get a link to that exact part of the r
  4. Hi @mikey8156, Such a feature has actually been requested before so it is on our list 🙂 Currently it is technically possible to add a preferred max drive time if one adds an amenity stop. Not exactly the same thing but it might be helpful. /Katya
  5. Hi @Drew, Apologies for the delayed response. We did have some issues with 4.0.32 and we had major server issues around the 23rd but this isn't something we've had reports about before. We've since released 4.0.33 so I'd like to ask if you've seen similar behavior despite the update? /Katya
  6. Hi @dwight hibdon, As @BarryH says it can be used on multiple devices. The premium subscription is only tied to one account and not a specific device, there's also no limit on how many devices you may log in on. If you're still having trouble logging in, do make sure that you've chosen the correct login method as you may link your facebook, apple or google account and use as login method. However you must then click the button for google etc. to use it. And if it still won't work, you can request a password reset link by instead of logging in clicking 'forgot your password?'.
  7. Hi @fern, Apologies for the delay of response. I cannot see that you have any settings that should result in this issue, if you're still having troubles could you tell me which device and OS version and/or browser and version thereof you're using? I've also had your trial extended by another 14 days. /Katya
  8. Hi @seyt, Thank you for reporting this. It seems to be a general iOS specic issue, we'll look into it. /Katya
  9. Hi @richt, It looks like you got it figured out 🙂 Otherwise the way is: Settings (detailed) > Car model > Add my car (a saved vehicle must be added to be able to link) If you're using the app you may have to scroll down a little bit to see the linking options. And if a saved vehicle already has been added, you go into Settings (detailed) > Car model and click the cogwheel to the right of the car to get into the very same menu for linking options. /Katya
  10. Hi @Olek, Currently we process maps and update them once a week. How recent the satellite images are is unfortunately not something we can affect as it'll be either Apple's or Google's satellite map images, depending on which device you're using. However, you can make edits in OSM, OpenStreetMap if a newly built road has been opened (or if an old road has been closed). Do note that we currently do not process seasonal closures, but any other basic edits such as new roads, speed limits etc. is all fine. This is easiest done in the web version: If you click the blue line close to
  11. Hi @Tim H, Agree, it is on our list to implement a 'rather not' level of preference. However, the levels do work a little bit different than "high, medium, never use" currently. With 'Use exclusively' and 'Use exclusively and prefer' you may create a group of networks to be used, exclusively and some with extra preference among them, instead of setting all the networks you do not want to use to 'never use'. /Katya
  12. Hi @robinm72, Since this issue is present in both the app and the web version it is likely also caused by the server issues we're currently having. We're working on fixing these problems as soon as possible. Very sorry for the trouble! /Katya
  13. Hi @Gleb, It seems that the desired max distance between the charger and the hotel didn't result in any matches. If you increase the distance to at least 1000 ft / 300 m the plan should no longer fail. /Katya
  14. Hi @Bill N, Sorry to hear you're having these issues! We're endlessly thankful for the support from our users, both recommendations as well as subscriptions and we of course want to make these things right. It is true that it is no longer a one man project, but compared to the size of our current amount of users, we're still a very small team, please bear with us. Could you tell me which type of device and OS version you're using? We did have issues with sessions just the other day but these problems were fixed as soon as we learned about them and you should no longer be
  15. Hi @Gleb, Sorry! We'll look into what went wrong. Premium is not required to access this feature. /Katya
  16. Hi @Gleb, We previously had a limit at 135 km/h, values above this was considered free speed. We've now increased it slightly to match the speed at Polish highways and it should be visible for you as well. /Katya
  17. Hi @Jojo, The numbers are your actual SoC and your estimated arrival SoC, those are values that keeps updating as you drive, unlike the blue line which is the initial plan. The dashed line will not be displayed until you've started driving as we then can start predicting. When the planner detects the user will no longer make it the option to view alternate plans will be displayed. I can also recommend trying the view mode called 'simple' if you haven't yet 🙂 /Katya
  18. Hi @BarryH, Could it be that you've deviated from the initial plan and that the app hasn't yet re-planned accordingly? /Katya
  19. Hi @Bo Normark, This should be resolved by logging out Tronity and logging back in again. However if it keeps happening we advise to contact Tronity. /Katya
  20. Hi @DimZen, Sorry! We'll of course fix this but we haven't been able to yet, especially as we're working on CarPlay in parallel with this. We'll do our best to locate this bug to have a fix included in the coming update. /Katya
  21. Hi @Bill N, Sorry for the confusion! Currently a connection through Tronity does not support calibrated reference consumption. We'll correct the error regarding the option to turn on live ref cons. You can also have a look at this page to see which features are supported in which vehicle model & connection combination: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata/ /Katya
  22. Hi @briantopping, @Nobody Famous, We only calculate for the battery and not the ICE part of this vehicle. Normally we don't include PHEV / hybrid models but since it has a fairly large battery there's no reason not to 🙂 /Katya
  23. Hi @FlorentIoniq, The plusdebornes one is actually imported from OCM. If this is a duplicate our de-duplication method cannot discover it since both the names, adresses and network names are all very different. If this is a duplicate, which would be the most accurate location and network? The network names for the one you added in GoingElectric and the one imported from plugsurfing were quite different but I've made changes in the database so that chargers imported as the network 'Syndicat d'Énergie des Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (SDE04)' will be recognized as 'SDE04' also. This will he
  24. Hi @Gilles.B, We introduced auto re-planning in driving mode a couple months ago. Have you made sure to update the app to the latest version? It looks like you do not have a connected vehicle and therefore we will instead use your position based on GPS data. In the case coverage is bad and we do not receive a new GPS position as often as needed, we won't be able to auto replan. However, this should be visible to you as the marker on the map won't move as the car does. Could it perhaps be a needed update or bad connection? /Katya
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