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    Hi @Anders O, Thank you for reporting this. Could you tell us the model of the car? /Katya
  2. Hi @HarperJr, Sorry we could not provide an answer before your departure. Hope everything went well despite this. Could you provide a link to the plan you're having problems with? You can generate a link by clicking: share > share ABRP link /Katya
  3. Hi @Seattle NoDaker, The Miles City SC appears to be out of order and is therefore not used in planning: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=4198567 The Dickinson SC should however be visible and we'll have this corrected as soon as possible. /Katya
  4. Hi @McOtelett, Welcome in! Lovely to hear ABRP could ease the transition to driving electric! Should you like to also connect the vehicle for live SoC we do have a few options to choose from for the Ioniq 28 kWh. If you haven't already, you can use this comparison: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata/ Regarding missing chargers, it is absolutely something users themselves can help out with. Currently we fetch charger information from a mix of sources, both directly from some networks and from open and editable sources which users themselves can add to. You can read
  5. Hi @edgarw, While we do have a safety buffer of 10% added on top of the values we calculate, you're absolutely right! We reviewed the numbers and it turned out something odd was going on with the modelling tools. We've had the ref cons adjusted down to 157 while we work out this "bug". Thank you for pointing this out! /Katya
  6. Hi @Gilles.B, @windhose, @Michiel, Pardon my tardiness! Since about a month back we offer the option to link ABRP with Tronity. This is an entirely wireless connection and it requires no hardware, pricing may vary depending on model, if I'm not mistaken some vehicles where they only can provide very limited data the service is free for. They do offer a 14-day trial so it's absolutely worth a try 🙂 Supported models include VW e-Up!, Seat Mii, Skoda CitiGo EV. Website: https://www.tronity.io Sadly I don't have any updates on direct connection between ABRP and OBD2. /Kat
  7. Hi @PatU, I'm aware we resolved this issue via mail but if anyone else is looking for a solution, this is how: 1. Go into settings (detailed) > Car model 2. Click the cogwheel to the right of your saved car 3. You'll now be in settings for this vehicle, of which at the bottom you should see the button 'unlink mytesla' 4. Click the button and the token used for the connection will be deleted, hence the connection will be broken /Katya
  8. Hi @BarryH, Instant, normally it should be visible in the comparison tool as soon as it is publicly available in ABRP. We'll have it corrected! /Katya
  9. Hi @Bert Hogendoorn, Could you tell us which device model and Android version this is? /Katya
  10. Hi all, @DimZen, @Fränky, @Chris79, @tburkel, The problem which causes this crash upon starting the Apple watch app unfortunately remains. It certainly isn't forgotten and I really do hope that this time we will have it corrected in time for next release. Regarding user testing, we don't do public testing for iOS currently as it is slightly complicated, but we might have a go at it in the future. Judging by the information you've all provided it does not seem to depend on the watch model, rather it is a general problem. /Katya
  11. Hi @Chris79, We do have issues in the current version causing such a crash for the Apple Watch app unfortunately. We're still looking into getting it fixed. Or did you also have problems with CarPlay? /Katya
  12. Hi Rockfred, Unfortunately CarPlay does have its limitations and it looks like getting the graph in there is more or less impossible. However you may of course run the iPhone app simultaneously and there display the detailed mode. /Katya
  13. Hi @Padraigdc, 1. It seems like the way the CarPlay menu bar adjusts itself for cars with the steering wheel on the right side creates this issue. We're currently looking into fixing it! Meanwhile you can still use the app on the side for viewing the % 2. Unfortunately not. Apple do have rather harsh limitations for what can and cannot be done in CarPlay but it is still possible to have the ABRP app running simultaneously and let the graph be viewed there while following navigation on the CarPlay screen. /Katya
  14. Hi all! @Miguel Jamous, @petermona, @DaveH, @fbulldog, @Abu Dhabi Dude, @Eiernacken5, @Va2li, @Marc O., @Kenneth K, @LarsO, @TheRussian, @Christian44, @Ralph, @GreenGecko, @CNPC, @Wiley, @mikewaz, @ThomasH, @JuanHeredia, @Tesla Coil, @P-E, @Benkvist, @conny, @Bill N, @joncox@alum.mit.edu, @A900ss, @KillCoffee, @f1geek_EV, @lexcyn, @chris-e-niro, @Jor37, @felixtrb We're happy to inform you that the update 4.0.35 which includes support for Apple CarPlay finally is out on the App store! In the linked tweet you can see some of our recorded test drives using CarPlay 😉 Do note that a prem
  15. Hi @Fly_PetitPrince, I can see in the forum thread you linked that you hadn't found a way to contact us. Premium users do have prioritized support so the fastest way for you to get help is to click the ABRP logo in the app then the "tell us what you think" button, but you may of course seek help here as well 🙂 I checked your user profile and it seems your saved vehicle isn't currently linked to ABRP and I believe doing so will resolve the issues you're having by calibrating the reference consumption value for your car and getting live SoC. And, as a user advised in the thread having
  16. Hi @Logjammer, Thank you for bringing this to light! We've updated accordingly! /Katya
  17. Hi @Xulio, Thank you for reporting this! We rounded off the numbers for coordinates in a way that wasn't very suitable for such low numbers. We'll make the necessary changes and it'll be visible again soon. /Katya
  18. Hi @Juergen, I can agree that this is a somewhat odd behavior but it is merely visual, and I can assure you it does not affect planning. In this case, the most likely explanation for why a non Tesla charger was chosen instead is the lower charging time. There is no default preference for the Tesla network even if you are planning with a Tesla but you may set a preference in: Settings (detailed) > Battery & Chargers > Network preferences /Katya
  19. Hi @Bert Hogendoorn, Thank you. The planner does not currently seem to take the detour into the forest, did a check including the coordinates given and some points before and after them: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=3a05e9cf-4fa9-4a6b-84aa-2bdf216c03a5 Does it look alright on your side as well? Do you have information about the detour in Vancouver also? /Katya
  20. Hi @Tutis, The linked plan doesn't yield the described result currently. Something regarding how we select chargers or what available chargers there are along the route may have changed since but it appears to be resolved. /Katya
  21. Hi @Cheese Guy, I can see that @Remuz started this threat quite some time ago. Logged drives and charging sessions are now available to premium subscribers who have linked their car to ABRP (some linking types / cars may have limitations, but Tesla is not one of them). You can read more about the premium subscriptions and the features here: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/premium/ Each individual logged charging session may of course look very different due to temperature, the charger itself etc. but we are actually working on creating a display for the cars "personal" charging curve
  22. Hi @michel memeteau, The most direct way to reach us as a premium subscriber is to use the 'tell us what you think' button in the app / on the website which you'll find by clicking the ABRP icon at the top of the screen. But you may also post your questions here 🙂 /Katya
  23. Hi @Bert Hogendoorn, Could you create and link a plan for the specific distance which is avoided here? (You can place custom points on the map right before and after the detour and remove all other waypoints) Could you do this for this example as well? /Katya
  24. Hi @Titanium31, Seems we have some adjustments to make for cases where one have used a different connection previously. Jeedom only pushes data to ABRP so we cannot request the connection to be broken from our side but we can have the tokens removed. The set connection was changed from Tesla to Jeedom but your Tesla tokens remained. I've manually changed the selected linking type back to Tesla for you and the connection should be working for you again. /Katya
  25. Hi @A900ss, Looks like this happens when the distance is below 1 mi. Not the most useful way to display the difference no, we'll look into it 🙂 /Katya
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