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  1. Hi @Webhiker, Google doesn't seem to support changing subscription plans without a cancellation: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481 Should you need any further assistance, just tag me with '@' and let me know 🙂 /Katya
  2. Hi @Xantrix, @Landmilch, I had a user report similar issues recently, and it seems to have been resolved by version 4.0.56. Could you check if using the most recent version solves the problem? /Katya
  3. Hi @Howard Lerner, As @j-lan mentioned the linking process cannot be executed in the Lite version of ABRP however if you're on the road you may of course link your car using the iOS or Android app as well. /Katya
  4. Hi @pvogelaar, Even in the latest Tesla models the browser has restrictions which may cause the regular version of ABRP to crash or malfunction. Therefore we introduced ABRP Lite. The issues with the linking process you mentioned above should now be resolved. /Katya
  5. Hi @Biggle, We discovered an issue, unrelated to the previous ones that I would assume caused these troubles with linking for you. It has been corrected since yesterday and I can see that your car now is successfully linked. Please let me know if there are any remaining issues! /Katya
  6. Hi @eyeballs, Does this happen on any platform? Or just in the app or web? /Katya
  7. Hi @GeneL, @DennisM, We discovered an issue with saved plans last Friday which we later on during Friday had corrected. However we had other issues during Saturday which gave similar effects. Plans that were saved during the hours we had these issues will unfortunately not be possible to salvage but any newly saved plans should be fine to load. We're sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you. /Katya
  8. Hi @Hans Brinker, Assuming that your car, like most, gives you a consumption value based on mixed driving and different speeds, this is not suitable to convert for use as reference consumption in ABRP. The reference consumption value in ABRP is measured at a constant speed of 110 km/h in near perfect conditions (wind, temperature, road etc.) I'd instead suggest to simply adjust the current set value. Our standard value for any model contains roughly 10% added margin, thus if you feel our calculations are too pessimistic (and your settings for speed and weather are accurate) you may lower the value. /Katya
  9. Hi @PatrickK, The update for iOS (4.0.51) is still in review and the currently available version will still not allow you to link. Or did you try on an Android device as well? /Katya
  10. Hi @chuckecheeseli, We're using data from when using superchargers. There's no specific speed, energy or time required, we'll summarize it as it is generated. /Katya
  11. Hi @Bubeli, @Farsund, I've just heard back from Tronity and there was some remaining issue on their side which was corrected this morning. Could you try linking your cars again? /Katya
  12. Hi @CosB, Access to AA is now a premium feature requiring an active subscription or trial. If you're referring to car data (consumption etc.), it would've been nice if we'd be able to get that via AA but this is not the case. It is possible when using the Android Automotive app (different from Android Auto) such as the version we created for the Polestar 2 however. Otherwise a link to the vehicle such as the ones listed here will be needed. It's the basically same app and the same bugs. But premium users have access to additional features; Android Auto, CarPlay, weather and traffic data, detailed live charger status (for selected networks), possibility to add multiple saved vehicles etc. as well as prioritized support. Full list* can be found at: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/premium *AA isn't on the list yet but we'll update it add AA to the list as soon as we can. /Katya
  13. Hi @tr6tevens, Access to AA via the beta version is no longer available. Should you want to try it out, we do offer a 14-day free trial when you sign up via web at: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/premium /Katya
  14. Hi @Martin Brown, This shouldn't be related to connecting to CarPlay, but there's been such an issue with Tronity and we've together with them had it corrected just recently. Please see: /Katya
  15. Hi @Bert Hogendoorn, We do not intend to fetch information on Tesla Superchargers from OCM. If there is an incorrect charger displayed in ABRP please share the link to the charger with us by clicking the charger, then click share > share ABRP link. If you are missing a Tesla Supercharger location in ABRP in Europe, you may have to enable 'Tesla CCS' in: Settings (detailed) > Battery & chargers > Fast chargers /Katya
  16. Hi @JueSteiger, @PhilChill, @Witte52, @gerk, @Bubeli, @Seb_perpignan, @Herr Klaus, @Alexander Runge, During the past weekend we experienced server issues which among other things led to some Tronity tokens expiring during downtime. We’ve since had the problem which caused these issues addressed and we’ve also requested Tronity to lengthen the tokens expiry time. After this we noticed users were still being logged out which we ran by Tronity and they’ve now found and fixed the error so that you will stay connected. You will however need to manually reconnect the vehicle in order for the Tronity link to work again. This is how: 1. Go into: Settings (detailed) > Car model 2. Click the cogwheel to the right of your saved vehicle 3. Unless you see the list of linking options displayed, unlink the vehicle by clicking the ‘unlink livedata’ button at the bottom 3. Select a linking option in the list 4. Follow the linking instructions We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please let us know if you need any further assistance! /Katya
  17. Hi @Harry91, This thread refers to a different issue, please see: /Katya
  18. Hi @AndersSkov, @spc-tme-my, @nichols89_ben, @MaggiB, @hirotake, @danima, @stromseth, @Harry91, @Jemba, We recently pushed updates for the Android and iOS apps including a fix for this issue. The Android version has now passed review and is available on Google play. The iOS update is still under review by Apple but we hope that it'll be passed soon as well. If you're not an Android user and cannot wait for the iOS update it is possible to for instance borrow a friend or family members Android device, download the updated version of the app, log in, re-link the car and then log out again. The connection will then work on your other devices after doing this once. To re-link the car: 1. Go into: Settings (detailed) > Car model 2. Click the cogwheel to the right of your saved vehicle 3. Select a linking option in the list (If the vehicle still is "connected" and says "registering" or similar, first press the 'unlink livedata' button at the bottom of the menu to be able to choose a linking option) 4. Follow the linking instructions /Katya
  19. Hi @tplus, It isn't missing, however in order to see and plan with CCS only locations like this one you'll need to enable 'Tesla CCS' in: Settings (detailed) > Battery & chargers > Fast chargers Link to charger: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=10232648 /Katya
  20. Hi @Hans Brinker, We do list the Fiat 500e, both the older models and the 2020 models. However we've seen that on some platforms sometimes the UI in the app hides the first or last listing. But you can scroll in the list to make it visible if this is the case. Do you mean that you aren't able to select the 500e in Tronity either? /Katya
  21. Hi @projxi, If you're able to generate a plan where we suggest this despite having the 'avoid: country borders' option activated, please submit the link here so that we may review it. /Katya
  22. Hi @Hans Brinker, The maps offered in CarPlay are MapBox type but in the iOS app there are some more options to choose from. We can however recommend to use the map type 'ABRP map' as some users have reported that using the other alternatives (Apple maps) worsens performance of the app. If you find parts of the map to be outdated it is possible to make changes in OpenStreetMap. Changes are unfortunately not implemented immediately as it takes at least a week to process a new map it could take 1-2 weeks before changes reach ABRP. After you have created a plan you can click anywhere on the blue line outlining the route to find a link directly to OSM. Alternatively you can go directly to OpenStreetMap.org. /Katya
  23. Hi @Rafael Sørvik, It sounds like you might've opened the subscription portal either in an incognito window or that the browser on your phone didn't recognize the session from the app. We are sorry to see you cancel your Premium subscription. Is there anything we can do to make the Premium membership more worthwhile? I have cancelled your subscription. You will have access to premium features for the duration of the period you have already paid for, that is until September 26th. There will be no further charges. You are of course welcome to keep using the free version of the app as much as you'd like. Please note that inquiries regarding subscriptions normally are handled by contacting support via email. Open the menu by clicking the ABRP button in the top left corner of the screen and click the "Tell us what you think!" button. That way we can more easily see your account settings and give you better feedback. You are welcome back anytime! Please let us know if you need any further assistance. /Katya
  24. Hi @JayRob, The prices we display are rather rough estimates and in some cases we’re even missing pricing data. We’re aware that this is an issue when trying to compare costs and we’re working on finding sources with reliable and updated pricing data. If you look up this charger in your car what rate does it say? /Katya
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