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  1. Hi @Rolee, Is it found in any of the databases we fetch information from but not visible in ABRP? You can read more about which these are here: @dyxyl are you perhaps able to share the ABRP link to this charger? You can get a link by clicking the charger, then click share > share ABRP link /Katya
  2. Katya-ABRP


    Sure! Each part of the circle represents a charger/stall. /Katya
  3. Katya-ABRP


    @alan stone hmm.. could be some form of delayed update which coincided with you plugging in the phone? Or did this reoccur? /Katya
  4. Katya-ABRP


    Hi @Tanya, Red = Occupied Green = Unoccupied (These are only displayed for premium users when we have such data) Blue = Functional [previously white square, green outline] Grey = Assumed operational, we don't have status data Dashed/striped = Broken [previously black square, red crossed] /Katya
  5. Hi @Antoine, 1. Compared to other models, it isn't as easy to get useful real-world data from BMW, hence they still have the alpha label. You can read more about this in this blog post: 2. Currently not, is there any model that seem inaccurate? /Katya
  6. Hi @Muelli, Well spotted! It is possible for users to edit the translation files if there's any corrections needed and make a pull request for us to review. You can click the "pen icon" on the right of the top bar of the text window to get an editable view of the json file in github: https://github.com/iternio/abrp-translations/blob/master/de.json /Katya
  7. Katya-ABRP


    Hi @alan stone, Android Auto is still in beta and there is currently no documentation for icons presented in AA. When you say: Do you mean that we in voice instructions said the SoC was 89%? What you're describing sounds like the icon for the charger at the next charger stop. What is of importance here is the circle part as the color(s) of it'll show you the charger status. And then you also have the kW value in the middle of it. You can provide additional beta feedback in this thread: /Katya
  8. Hi @Strife1817, Which website are you referring to? Your car appears to no longer have a linking option selected, could you try doing the setup again? You can do so by going into: Settings (detailed) > Car model, then clicking the cogwheel to the right of your saved car and re-selecting the linking option. From what we can see none of these connection types with the Chevy Bolt should be 'broken'. /Katya
  9. Hi @Zippy2, Unfortunately using Apple CarPlay does not enable us to get any data from your car. We would've loved if this was possible but currently it is not. If you'd like to use live data you'll have to link the car via a different option, currently you can do so using Tronity: https://www.tronity.io/?lang=en All supported car models and live data connection options can be found and compared here: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata/ We're aware of there being some issues with the units displayed and it'll be corrected in the coming update. /Katya
  10. Hi @Sebastian, Was it only the SoC which did not update or was the location data also out of sync? Did the map get displayed correctly despite the navigation instructions being delayed? Have you ensured that live SoC was switched on and not overridden by a manually input departure SoC or similar? /Katya
  11. Hi @green light, @Eugenius, @Ou Boet, @TomTomZoe, @Bill N This has been implemented as of April 30th /Katya
  12. Thank you @Padraigdc & @TomTomZoe, found some instances in the error logs related to your user id's. We're looking into it. /Katya
  13. Hi @danielb7390, @KSevcik, I checked this part of the map in OSM but there really isn't anything that should prevent a route being planned through the tunnel, as GraphHopper proves. It must be something with how OSRM handles the connection points between the tunnel and the highway, since routing between two points both in the tunnel works fine. Have you brought this up on the OSM forum? /Katya
  14. Hi @P2Ec, In the coming update the map will automatically follow time / daylight, and this will solve the issue with the map being left in light mode even at night. Is there any particular reason why you'd like to be able to manually switch it? /Katya
  15. Hi @ChrisG, @Philip Broggio, @TomTomZoe, We did release an update containing bug fixes last Friday. As the linked plan no longer fails I'd assume that what caused the failure was resolved in /Katya
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