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  1. Hi @dspanogle, In my response to OP I stated that the globally set value should be overridden but that it is not in cases with lower values. This is a bug which we're investigating. No - there are not any hidden global settings you cannot change, all settings including global minimums are available in: Settings (detailed). Settings are saved when the plan is created, ie you click 'plan' (big blue button). Yes, you can have settings transfer across different devices, we'll always load your most recent plan (from anywhere) when logging in or starting the app. Manual is coming. /Katya
  2. Hi @MrT, Just checked your account and it looks like you got it figured out. Is there anything else I can be of help with? /Katya
  3. Hi @jnschimberg, You currently don't have a saved vehicle to link. To link, do the following: 1. Go into: Settings (detailed) > Car model > Add my car 2. Specify the vehicle model, name it 3. Select a linking option, for linking directly with your Tesla account select 'Link MyTesla' 4. Log in with your Tesla credentials and the connection will be established /Katya
  4. Hi @Grillmeister, You can add several waypoints to your route and it'll be one single plan. You may also add a 'guidepoint' which is a new feature we recently introduced to just make us plan via a certain location without considering it as a stop. If this doesn't solve the issue for you, could you perhaps link the plan attempt and provide more information about the car train you wish to use? /Katya
  5. Hi @Palengh, I'll have to say that I'm a little bit unsure which options we offer in the Polestar 2 app, but in the iOS app we offer: "share to map" and "open in Google Maps". Which of these did you use? /Katya
  6. Hi @NLP, Could you provide more details regarding which Supercharger isn't showing up? /Katya
  7. Hi @chi09es, I replied to your other post regarding premium, have you emailed us yet? /Katya
  8. Hi @hyperleaf, We've previously tweaked the conversion for the Leaf (see thread below) but seemingly this doesn't suit all models. We'd need some more information to better understand this: Which cars does this happen for? Just 2015's? Is it all 2015's or some subset? We need two 'GIDs' measurements for the car: Brand New (what's the assumed maximum capacity of the battery?) 0% SoC /Katya sidenote: I can see you've mentioned me and @Jason-ABRP in another thread, but we won't get notified unless you tag us with '@' 🙂
  9. Hi @Petteri, This issue has since been resolved. Please specify the app version. Do you have a linked car and an active premium subscription? /Katya
  10. Hi @tcm0116, @cent, This should of course be consistent. May I ask what combination of language + unit settings you have selected? /Katya
  11. Hi @cent, There is no set time for how long a car model will have the alpha or beta label. It is entirely dependent on if we're able to obtain enough good quality data. The very first live data connection for this model (Tronity) was added just around 7 months ago, Jeedom was added just a few months back. In addition to this, it is correct that it is not the most common vehicle among our users, which of course makes it more difficult to generate the data necessary. However, if there are any major differences between our predictions and reality, please let us know and we can look into what adjustments can be made. /Katya
  12. Hi @Cbegg50, At the moment we don't have a direct integration with PodPoint but it would of course be interesting. I'd recommending reading this blog post about what can be done to get more chargers into ABRP: /Katya
  13. Hi @chi09es, To view and plan with this charger please enable 'Tesla CCS' in your settings for 'fast chargers'. Link to charger: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=2609447 /Katya
  14. Hi @cent, If you don't want to receive route suggestions with decreased speed you may turn off the option 'adjust speed' in: Settings (detailed) > Speed /Katya
  15. Hi @Edddddddd, Oh we've actually already investigated this but for some reason it hasn't been implemented. We'll look into it! /Katya
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