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  1. So I finally made that trip over Labor day week. My results were: - Charged to 100% = 299 miles available - We arrived with a 48% SOC - effectively using 152 miles of the SOC (e.g., 147 remaining) -- (Trip was actually 135 miles on Odometer) - Return trip used 40% of the SOC and 108 miles of battery (we did a trickle charge over night just to eliminate any range anxiety for the return)
  2. Thank you all for the detailed and technical responses. Makes more sense to me. I am making that trip on September 1st and will respond back with details.
  3. OK, here ya go .. Thanks .. (newbie here.. great site & APP) https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=2fadf7da-7f6b-4f32-84fb-a402b067e199
  4. Description: KONA EV - the SOC for the Mileage of the trip can't be correct Type: Web Page Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=297921aa-f60d-4f28-8013-dab9544091d2 Replication Steps: Entered HOME address & Destination = 138 miles Steps If applicable AT a 100% SOC, my KONA EV gets 310 miles. So a 1-way trip of 128 miles should show me arriving with a 150 miles remaining = At least 50-60% ... ABR is showing 32% ... WHY?
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