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  1. If the hotels charger is on abrp then its easy. Just "add waypoint" klick the coggwheel and set kWh and time Else add waypoit by right klick then klick the coggwheel and set kWh and time
  2. I belive it already does. Not by setting but by prioritising shorter charging time witch makes the trip faster.
  3. As far as i know... ODBII is mandatory in ICE vehicles not in BEVs due to no emissions. To use the ODBII starndard in BEVS would be smart but it's a "open" standard that we can use. I therefore fear that they will use a proprietary conector. Tesla got a connector of their own. So there was room for an adapter for a ODBII dongle. Anyone seen what ID.3 got?
  4. Do the MEB platform have a ODBII connector or is there a other way to get information out? The MEB platform is going to be very common so if there is'nt anything yet hopefully somthing's going to show up as time goes by.
  5. This i'm buying! Online release 1/9 19:00 CET evdatabase.org
  6. Is there a way to prefere higer power charger for exampel over 100 kW? (Exept for choosig Ionity as pefered) 150 - 175 kW chargers are popping up.
  7. I to support your efforts! But i don't get my hopes up for a quick fix...
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