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  1. I noticed that the Supercharger in Erftstadt is excluded in ABRP for some time now. https://www.tesla.com/findus/location/supercharger/erftstadtsupercharger What is the reason? According to Tesla and Chargemap the SuC is working. The site is also accessible 24/7. Not on a parking lot of a closed Hotel. Thanks!
  2. Description: Use conditional speed limits during planning. Use Case: Currently ABRP does not seem to use the conditional speed limites as configured in OSM. Over here in the Netherlands our highways have different speed limits depending on the time. In general; From 6AM till 7PM >> 100 km/h and from 7PM until 6PM 120 km/h (some roads 130km/h). This has been configured in OSM with a conditional setting. When I plan a trip in ABRP it uses the default speed limit which is 100 km/h for the majority of the roads as far as I can see. Even when I plan a trip after 7PM, or confi
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