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  1. Hi ! First of all, thanks for this app and the android auto support, it enables so much. Here are my feedbacks: would be nice to always show the distance to the next turn/exit. When on the motorway, it would be nice to know if the next exit is in 10 km or 200 km show the GPS speed, as some cars speedo are not that well calibrated pinch to zoom and move around features are not possible I did not found the setting to adjust the navigation voice volume add the possibility to quickly change the destination in the car screen (my bad it is already available) add a view that show all the detailed informations about the current route (total distance, ETA, waypoints, charging stops, etc) maybe being able to update the settings (max SOC, max speed, weight, etc) in the car screen. although it is ok to do in the phone The navigation feature is nice, but as someone else stated earlier, I think a "share to maps" option would work great as long as it is possible to update automatically the external app when abrp recalculated the route. It would free a lot of time and hassle for you to work on other ev-specific features or take some rest 🙂 Keep up the good work, you are class leading in what you are doing !
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