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  1. The ABRP beta site now supports amenity stops! Amenity stops lets you include restaurants, hotels, shops and much more to your plans. This will be a premium feature when released, but we have made it available for everyone to test for now! There are three different ways to search for amenities: 1. Amenity at a waypoint Click the settings icons next to a waypoint. Then select the type of amenity, the filters, how long to stay and hit "Done". This will search for an amenity close to that waypoint and include it on the plan. 2. Amenity search Click one of the three amenity icons above the inputs. Then select the filters, set how long to drive before stopping and hit "Done". This will add an amenity stop after some time driving to your plan. 3. Amenities around a charger You can always check the amenities around a charger. No matter if the charger is part of the plan or not. Just press the charger and browse among the amenity categories. When on the plan output, you can swipe between the amenities around a charger using the left and right arrows. You can also change the amenity charger using the arrows or the circular refresh button on that charger. If you want to add multiple amenity stops, you have to add them one by one. Add your first amenity stop, hit the plan button and choose the amenity on the plan output. Then bo back to the input page. Your first amenity stop will now be plan of the input addresses and you'll be able to add more amenity stops. This feature is still in beta, so all feedback is appreciated. Happy planning!
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