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  1. Some do but most cars don’t. Thanks anyway for those that do have Hyundai’s. 👍🏻
  2. PS - it’s also showing in Kilometers in the CarPlay screen but miles (correctly) in the app on the phone. thanks.
  3. Hi, the battery status in the CarPlay version of the App is hidden in Right hand drive vehicles. Can this be re-positioned please? thanks.
  4. Does the CarPlay app use Apple Maps or the ABRP maps for routing/display?
  5. When I’m using the ABRP app, alternative routes show the distance difference in feet rather than miles. can this be corrected as the difference in feet isn't really useful but miles is? thanks.
  6. Today (first time ever) ABRP app (iOS) is giving me voice navigation prompts. I don’t want them as I use Google Maps in CarPlay for navigation. I can’t see a setting to turn them off. Any help, greatly appreciated.
  7. I’m not too sure that Apple is trying to protect its own Apple Maps software as they only provide EV routing for a few BMW and Fords. Plugsurfing has been given approval and is now available to use CarPlay so I’m sure it’s possible. Maybe you’ll have to link the routing to Apple Maps though rather than your current source of maps. In fairness that probably wouldn’t be a bad thing as I think both Google Maps and Apple Maps do offer better routing that the routing offered by ABRP. (I love the rest of the app other than the directions/route taken). Good Luck.
  8. Hi, is there any possibility of adding miles/kWh for each drive if Live data is used? also, you could then add a feature to combine these into a cumulative miles/kWh for your car? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the update. I don’t have a Tesla so more interested in other chargers. Zap map and plugshare get most of the data in the U.K. so hopefully ABRP can as well.
  10. A900ss

    Live data chart legend?

    The blue line percent is the ABRP planned percentage SOC. if it’s green, you’re doing better than planned, it’s it’s red you’re doing worse than planned.
  11. I think that’s a great option if it can be worked into the plan.
  12. On the premium app it states live Supercharger status. Is it only Tesla Superchargers or will it also show live status of other chargers like Zap Map and PlugShare does? Likewise, if a rapid charger is occupied, will it automatically re-route? thanks
  13. I think something is down at the moment as my live data from EV Notify isn’t showing up in the ABRP app either.
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