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  1. When planning pleasure rides, it's often a long process to set 'avoud highways'. It would be good if this was available as a route planning option, rather than a full settings option. Gold standard would be being able to divert sections of a journey on or off a motorway (set avoid motorway per journey leg instead of per trip or per settings option).
  2. Hi there - I use ABRP on a motorbike (Zero SRF) and so regularly when navigating, much of the map is obscured by the summary table. It would be good if this could be reduced or even minimised for use along the route.
  3. You can go to "add apps" - but I'll be honest it seems like a remnant. Doesn't do anything great. Your point about ABRP app is pretty much what I'm doing. However AA represents a nice 'central console' approach with audio, navigation and additional all in oelne place. It syncs with my helmet audio for calls, etc. Ideally, it would be good it AA could just use ABRP as a maps alternative - same way as it uses Waze (or how it can offer options between books and music on audio). Obviously, when you're riding, you don't really want to be switching between apps. I mean... Ideally ?
  4. Hi, Occasional user rather than daily commute. Is it possible to configure the Android app to use end SOC from the previous trip, rather than assuming it has been plugged in? I'm on Zero SR/F bike - small community - so I'm not expecting live data any time soon. For hobby riding, I'll usually get two or three days small riding out of a charge, rather than topping up.each time. It would be good if the app used my SOC at the end of the last journey, rather than a default start SOC each time.
  5. Hi - I use ABRP app on a motorcycle (Zero SR/F) so am on phone display for route and info. When the phone is landscape, roughly half the screen is covered by the info - which is fine. But the current location route marker still seems to hang in the center of the screen, not the center of the remaining estate (see pic). This means you can usually only see a sliver of route, compared to loads of map on the left that you're not using. Can current location and route be configured to sit center of remaing screen estate, rather than center of screen.
  6. Hi Gang, Using AA on a phone mount on a Zero SR/F motorcycle - not head unit or anything. Currently the AA/ABRP interface doesn't work at all on mobile. I can "add" the ABRP app in the AAphone app (Android10 so using built in AA and the phone display). Launching ABRP the long way around at least allows the 'android auto connected' message in ABRP. Route planning then sends the route to AA - but nothing happens. Switching to AA doesn't recognize that any route has been inputted. Similarly, I can't quick launch ABRP from the app - I have to go into the AA app store and open from there each time. Not sure if AA on phone was your target here - I suspect you were more pushing at head units?
  7. Agreed. I'm driving a premium srf with charge tank fitted now, so pulling 12kW charge when a charger can deliver it. This massively changes charge times on routes with motorway stops (though lockdown means I've not had chance to properly test it out yet).
  8. Hi Jason Adding a small more on zero at : I'm using the SDS model on ABRP and it's doing a great job. My actual model is the 2020 SR/F premium but your numbers are a little conservative - which gives me the percentage or two leeway I like ? Question is - whilst I can see Power Tanks have been added as model options to extend range, can we also look at adding Charge Tank options to reduce charge time? I'm having mine fitted in a couple of months and am happy to provide a charge curve then.
  9. Hey gang I can see power tank entries for the Zero bikes (many thanks!). But could we please add CHARGE TANK entries? Rather than upping range (as per the PT entries), this reduces charge time. I'm currently on a Zero SR/F premium (6KW charger) looking to add the charge tank (another 6KW) to bring it to a total of 12KW type 2 charge capability. The SR/F standard ships at 3KW and adding a charge tank kicks it to 9KW. All these figures are the same for the SR/S. Alternatively, if there's a charge time function I can change in the settings, happy to bodge it! You can see the 'full specs' description at https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/model/zero-srf
  10. Hey all Wondering what's the best way to include the presence of a charge tank in a zero SRF to reduce charge time?
  11. Bump - this would be excellent. I run Google in the background for app directions.
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