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  1. Hi, thank you for your reply. I meant not my chargings, i meant the charging of other users with the same battery. Of course anonym. Like the grafic above, but actual if the curve has changed. best regards Andre
  2. Hi and thank you for your amazing app that Tesla is not able to have. (Maybe they will buy it sometime from you 😉, I have Problems with my charging curve and a appointment with Tesla. I whould like to show them the difference from the last years to now. And because you are logging the curves i like to ask, if you have a actual one. The one i have from you is from november 2018. Maybe Tesla changed something... It really whould be a great help. I have a Tesla Model S 75D from 2017 with the Unicorn 85kwh Batterypack. The BTX8 so something like the attached picture Thank You André

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