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  1. Me too, tried several times 6 hours ago and still no live data despite logging out and in several times both to ABRP nd the Tesla app
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    I just reinstalled the app yesterday and it now seems to work ok. Thank you.
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    I use an old iPad running v9 software if I remember correctly. It worked perfectly till the beginning of the week. I can also access ABRP on the PC, the M3 and my phone but away from home the iPad was the better option as the phone screen is a little small and using the tesla screen for any length of time means leaning over the centre console and gets uncomfortable.
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    How do I edit my original post? I notice some spelling errors (spellcheck corrections) and I can't find a way to fix them.
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    Phew!! Thanks goodness I'm not the only one. Thanks Barrie
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    Description: I've been using abroad app for months on various devices but mostly on my old iPad. This evening, I believe the app updated to the latest version and it has rendered it almost unusable. I have several plans which I modifybas the departure date gets closer, with more accurate wh/mi, weather and temperature. This evening I couldn't do any of that. After clicking on settings and detailed, I tried to change the 65 mph reference useage. I clicked in the box and as usual the type screen appeared. But before I could do anything the settings moved from the left of the page where it usual
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