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  1. Where I usually drive there are some small roads which legally would allow up to 100kph speeds, which are not practical to drive there. For these cases there is maxspeed:practical. Does ABRP use this data? If not, it would be nice if it would...
  2. Hi, I like to have the 3D-view on the head unit and the next-step-view on the phone, which generally works (4.0.48(515)). Both seem to start using the same view. Now when I change the view on the phone the view on the head unit also changes to the selected view. Now I can toggle through the available views on the head unit. I'd prefer to have the views on both displays completely independent. Also on the "next step" view the current position and the destination are right on the edge of the screen which makes them hard to see. Having some distance to the screen edge would be nice. Apart from that yesterdays 800km drive went quite smooth (using live data).
  3. Description: ABRP seems to emphasise shorter routes even if it means using small roads instead of country road to save some 100m. Type: Both Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=5e2f8536-27a3-4e44-803c-89d0734e06a1 The screenshot shows the route suggested. I marked in red how I would expect the route to be, which is also the route Google Maps suggests. Is this related to road meta data or could the routing algorithm be tuned?
  4. noradtux

    IONIQ 5

    I just did an extended test drive with an Ioniq 5 Long Range AWD on 19" wheels. I used a Raspberry Pi attached to the OBD2 port to get live data into ABRP. Works quite well, the BMS accepts the same codes as the BMS of the Kona. The route was mixed speeds, with longer stretches at 130km/h. ABRP shows 201 Wh/km @ 110 km/h calibrated reference consumption.
  5. Also the current implementation of "Share to map" in 3.9.8 doesn't quite work for me. It seems to give the address (street name, city etc) of the next step to Google Maps. That does not work reliably, especially with charge points. Please consider using the GPS coordinates for sharing the next point.
  6. Submitting the entire trip never really worked for me, at least when using Android Auto.
  7. The old system had links to GoingElectric and alikes. Please bring those back since I need to check which of my MSPs work with a charging point. Also I miss the option to prefer/block charging networks. I'd like to unprefer (not block!) Ionity for example.
  8. When I use "Share to external app" the system offers me apps which deal with text. I shared with my mail app and got the string ["geo:52.896173,8.413258?q=52.896173,8.413258(McDonald's [EWE / SWB])"] Passing an array where a string is needed?
  9. I did an extended trip last weekend and it worked perfectly 🙂
  10. Live data still doesn't seem to work for me. I use the telemtry rest-api.
  11. Live data from Telemetry API is not showing up on ABRP. I send data to https://api.iternio.com/1/tlm/send using a post request with the api_key-, token- and tlm-fields in the body. ABRP does not indicate reception of live data.
  12. Ok, I can work with this info. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I am working on collecting data from my Ioniq through a Raspberry Pi. I'd like to send that data to ABRP. I can't quite figure out how to emulate Torque's webrequests, so I'd like to know if there is some other way of transmitting the data? Maybe something JSON based? Or maybe someone could point me to how ABRP expects the "torque"-data to look. Regards Malte
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