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  1. Where can I find the specifications and documentation for transmitting live data to ABRP for a Chevy Bolt? I see you added the generic token option in the app for development, but I can’t find any documentation regarding: 1. URL to send data 2. authentication scheme and protocol (is it just POSTing a CSV file over http?) 3. format of data to send (CSV??)
  2. Yeah, this is the real reason you are getting the silent treatment. However, there are alternative app stores and ways to get an app on the phone, such as sideloading or one of the app stores that circumvent Apple’s monopoly. Just get the feature out there and let the world see the benefit of ABRP over the monopolists. It will speak for itself. Despicable how they pose as utopian do-gooders, and then try to sabotage EV apps!
  3. Now that ABRP finally has an Android app, can you please add support for directly receiving data from Bluetooth OBD dongles? It is very cumbersome and inefficient to link another app like Torque, upload it to a server, then download it back again. Also, when in areas with poor or no LTE coverage, the system doesn't work.
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