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  1. Description: When ignoring or missing a charge stop ABRP assumes the stop was taken and sets the SOC to the planned percentage, rather than recalculating the route. Example of charge stop exit I missed. Type: App 4.0.16 Suggestion ( non-live versions): - Manual: add charge confirmation on start and/or stop. At stop this would also allow confirmation of departure SOC. - Automatic: detect GPS speed for x duration
  2. Thank you that works.
  3. Some Google results: https://phys.org/news/2016-04-roof-racks-fuel-economy.html https://forums.tesla.com/forum/forums/data-point-energy-usage-roof-bikes-and-pod
  4. To kind of enhance this request, can you set the app parameters to recognize ABRP as a Map-app?
  5. Description: Add option to set reference speed baseline for different road types: highway/a-roads vs. city/b-roads Use Case: Current setting works well on wel balanced mixed routes, but with unbalanced routes the calculation is off. At highway and a-roads it is generally easy to keep the legal speed, increasing consumption. Whereas in B-roads and city roads the obstructions, the road conditions and other road users generally significantly drop the average speed before the reference, lowering consumption. Since ABRP would be used for route planning the mix of route types may not be as balanced as is currently assumed, e.g a long motorway trip to a far away destination vs. a day trip on a curvy road trough the mountains, hence having the need to adjust the settings depending on the type of mix that is foreseen.
  6. Description: in full screen mode the address line falls off the top of the screen Type: App Version 4.0.10; android galaxy S10 Link to Plan: No Replication Steps: Start a new plan Select way point to enter Menu opens to enter address of way point Top of the form is pushed off the screen Select return to hide the keyboard Select the address bar to show the keyboard Screen formats correctly now Repeat Steps 1-3 with full screen mode turned off and the formatting of the screen is correct first time. Result step 4: Result step 7: Result without full screen mode:
  7. Looks great. Thanks.
  8. Just saw the update. Thanks.
  9. Did you get any response from them? I contacted them the other day to understand how to get a RFID card. At the moment the network is limited to locals, but they say they are working on a solution for foreign travelers. They were very responsive. I referred them to you as well, since you were interested in live network data.
  10. Dear ABRP team, any consideration for this suggestion, until full route sharing is available?
  11. Description: Provide a single click function to copy coordinates of a way point to clipboard (example Google maps) in the step by step route plan as well as charger information views. Use Case: Ability to easily copy and migrate way points to a turn- by- turn navigation app off choice. Currently 'Share' only sends first way point to navigation apps like Google maps or Here maps. It does not easily transfer the entire route or share with other OEM applications.
  12. Closing the loop. Everything working as intended in 4.0.7. Thanks.
  13. Closing the loop. Everything working as intended in 4.0.7. Thanks.
  14. Had this the other day on 4.0.5. Simple reinstall fixed it. Since the app syncs with your online account you should not loose any settings or saved data.

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