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  1. ANBO

    Torque Pro

    @Jason-ABRP hope you and your family are doing well. Apologies for the radio silence. Have been gathering the data points you need. Still stuck on the GPS location. Since the response is longer than 8 bytes, I think Torque Pro is not swallowing it and I have to break it up in frames, which I am not familiar with. Are you able able to process those longer responses with Diagnostic Start and Stop commands? As for kWh_charged. What is the purpose of this? Are you assuming this to work only when you are in the car, connected to OBDii? Or through a memory lookup able to calculate the cum
  2. ANBO

    Torque Pro

    @Jason-ABRP family first! Glad to hear they have recovered. So if I understand correctly, there is no existing link for Live data with Torque Pro, but you would be using the same protocols to pull the information from the PIDs in-app eventually? The list of PIDs you provided for the MG5 is slightly different from the list provided by @FuelOfEvil. What is it you need for your model to work best? Last question for now. "Is Charging" should that return a 0 or 1 value for no or yes?
  3. ANBO

    Torque Pro

    @Jason-ABRPlad to
  4. ANBO

    Torque Pro

    Thank you for the response. Can you clarify the 'send a link to a copy'? I must note all PIDs are custom.
  5. Thank you for the response. We can get logged live data. What are you looking for?
  6. ANBO

    Torque Pro

    @Jason-ABRP i noticed several models having access to Torque Pro. Is this through an API, or Direct connection with the app? Can this option be made available for selection also for Jaguar I-pace? Is there a naming convention for the PID naming in Torque Pro for the connection with ABRP to funcion? Which PIDs do you need to get maximum benefit of the connection.
  7. @Jason-ABRP what do you still need to bump the I-pace models to 'release'?
  8. @Jason (ABRP) think what is missing between 4 and 5 is 'avoid', e.g. avoid Ionity, but use it if needed to. 'Don't care' uses them to much, 'never use this network' can give unfavorable outcomes.
  9. Apologies, missed a (new) tick box in the settings.
  10. Description: Route planning does not take into account current SOC, until the route has started. Type: App (4.0.30) Link to Plan: n/a Replication Steps: Check live data SOC in ABRP Plan a route confirm ABRP uses start at 100% SOC Start route. Confirm ABRP replans based on live SOC
  11. @BarryH thank you. Don't know why I missed those buttons. Unfortunately there is no option yet for live data on the jaguar I-pace.
  12. @BarryH thank you for the response. Of course I updated the SOC back manually, but I recall I had to replan to destination from current location, setting current SOC and I shouldn't be doing that while driving. Of course I could pull over on the hard shoulder, but it is not legal to use your phone their neither.. Savest and legal option is for ABRP not to assume you have charged and set the SOC to plan after charging. Rather keep the SOC as is before charging and recalculate for an alternative charger automatically. Still I think a resume trip with SOC confirmation could be a
  13. ABRP team, any thoughts on this issue?
  14. Description: When ignoring or missing a charge stop ABRP assumes the stop was taken and sets the SOC to the planned percentage, rather than recalculating the route. Example of charge stop exit I missed. Type: App 4.0.16 Suggestion ( non-live versions): - Manual: add charge confirmation on start and/or stop. At stop this would also allow confirmation of departure SOC. - Automatic: detect GPS speed for x duration
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