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  1. Yep, I do have that version - I just tried it out with a saved trip and it's working 🙂
  2. I do have the latest beta but I didn't see anything obvious. I will try the 3D mode though as that's what I was waiting for!
  3. I saw a note that vector maps are now available in AA but I don't see that when using it in my car. Or is this feature locked behind premium? I still see the old OSM maps.
  4. I've had a couple of issues with saved trips. If I create a trip on the website or using the app and try to load in AA, it doesn't work and throws an error. Also, which vector maps will you be using? Some other EV charging apps are using Google Maps still so is that an option? Otherwise, I've heard good things about MapBox.
  5. Here's my feedback so far: If you are using the GPS coordinates from the OBD dongle, sometimes it will fail and your location will update to the place where you first created your trip. Switching to device GPS fixes this. The map has no zoom controls in navigation or otherwise (need this!) When navigating, the map has no 3D view option (like how Google Maps works) When navigating, if you are driving south, all road names are upside down. The battery and flag icon look like they are from a shareware app from 1999 :) Some other things I noticed are probably due to whichever map provider you are using - it's very slow to load map tiles initially, and sometimes directions are incorrect. Not bad for a first beta!
  6. I'm hoping for the Android Auto version since the PlugShare app is fairly poor on AA.
  7. Gotcha, that sounds reasonable. In Torque it shows 54.6kWh right now but it's been a cold, loooong winter. Looking forward to the warmer weather. Although, being in lockdown, not many places I can go :)
  8. I have a Pixel 3 XL and there's a notch - most apps will adjust the top nav bar and push everything down, but ABRP seems to cut off the icons and move them under the nav bar, making it hard to tap on certain settings. You can see it in my screenshot:
  9. Just wondering if anyone else has errant battery degradation stats in the live data? Mine is showing 9% degradation, but there is no evidence to suggest the battery is that degraded. I'm wondering if cold weather is to blame? Or is this using the PID value for "available capacity" which is not known to be accurate?
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