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  1. Great, it seems to be working now. Thanks!
  2. Can anyone make EVNotify working with ABRP? I can setup my EVNotify jus fine (shows web UI data) but data isn't trasnferring from EVNotify to ABRP. I got it work like 1 week ago and last time live data worked 15.4. After that updates. I tried to delete my car fro ABRP and made a new fresh EVNotify account. Got succesfully connected from the EVNotify web UI but ABRP app (and web page) doesn't get the data. It tells me to link (again) EVNotify but I can't do it again because it is already linked from EVNotify end. It just says that I have already linked my account o ABRP. I would like to use and give real world data from my Kona EV 39 kWh but it isn't anymore possible. I think there was some update around 15.-16.4. to ABRP? I'm not premium user. Using Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth 4.0 and Samsung Galaxy S10 & S4.
  3. Do you need to be premium to use EVNotify real time data? After update it doesn't work anymore. I have linked my EBNotify and ABRP.
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