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  1. Yes, indeed! I was about to reply to you that everything stopped working, then I checked AutoPi and saw the update. After updating, I did a couple of drives today and your script still works fine. Testing charging sessions again in the next days. In the meantime I could update to your latest ABRP script release, but in case you plan some modifications I'll hold on before updating.
  2. Actually I don't: the script is probably not the latest version, but it doesn't have any kill feature of that kind in it. Yesterday my AutoPi was updated to the latest software build, so now I'm on 2020.05.27 build. Which AutoPi build are you on?
  3. I saw it both in AutoPi interface and in vehicle dashboard. Could it be a persistance in ABRP website/app? I'm going to make some more statistics for you in the next charging sessions. 😄
  4. Maybe I wasn't able to explain well, let me try again: 😅 - the car ended up charging session upon reaching 80% SOC: the power went from 2.2kW to 0kW, AutoPi stopped normally after the sleep timer, etc. - everything was ok, except the fact that in ABRP website/app there was a display of 2.2kW and charging icon - it seems like the script didn't send to ABRP the end of charging session, even if it should have done it. Maybe it's more clear now, let's discuss again if you need more details.
  5. Not the version you updated 8 hours ago, it's with the previous one. It seems like the system keeps the last value (it was 2.2kW) before AutoPi goes off and then it's not updated anymore. ABRP stayed in charging at 80% SOC and 2.2 kW for 3 hours, even if the car was not charging and AutoPi was off, then it reset as soon as I started a new driving.
  6. Hi Jason, I did another couple of charging tests and I noticed the following: when AutoPi shuts down when charging ends and then it goes to sleep, the icon in ABRP stays in charging mode, displaying the last SOC and Power values while charging. At the first vehicle driving after charging, the icon disappears, as the script calculates again in driving mode. Let me know if you agree and can find the root cause!
  7. I've done another test this morning, I can confirm that during this test the charging power and SOC are updated correctly, so it must have been something else than your script (maybe carrier coverage or something). I'll keep you posted as soon as I run some more tests overall, but the script seems to work very well now. 😄
  8. Hi Jason, I've tested the script and it finally works for me. My comments below: - Quick start, as expected, no strange delays: as soon as AutoPi boots up, ABRP gets the first value, then it updates roughly every 5 seconds regularly. - During charging (notice that I made a single test), the icon changes and it displays the power, it seems the update interval is a lot slower (as intended) but not really 30-100 secs (I had some connectivity issue with the mobile carrier in my AutoPi SIM in the area in the past, maybe that's the reason, but I'm reporting it anyway). - After charging though, the system went to sleep too early: I stopped charging, disconnected cable, put the cable in the trunk, got into the car and when I turned the vehicle on the system had to boot again, in roughly 2 minutes, before getting real time data again. Which is the sleep timer delay in this case? If I'm charging again in the next week I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the good job!
  9. Hi Jason, I don't think this is happening in battery saver +, because in that case the current flows out of the HV battery through the DcDc to charger the 12V battery or to operate heaters and so on... The charging power PID should report 0kW and the battery power PID should a positive power (instead it is negative when you're charging/regenerating), so: - if you use charging power PID, this is 0kW in battery saver, no need to use a threshold - if you use battery power PID, this is >0kW in battery saver, no need to use a threshold (greater than 0 already means that you're not charging) I don't know if I could explain well, in case of further info just ask. About the boot, have you checked the "Ruin on startup" flag? I've enabled this on my script and it boots up without the delays you're experiencing. I can't see charging icon in ABRP whjile charging with my current script, I'll update to yours and let you know as soon as I test it.
  10. Hi Vag, there must be some bugs in the script you're running/testing... It keeps not starting at all in my AutoPi, even with the same parameter configured, and the fact that sometimes it takes longer to load it's not a good symptom either... 😅 On the contrary, my own script (taken from the original AutoPi script from pLord12) starts as soon as AutoPi has boot constantly (2 minutes roughly) and sends regularly data to ABRP (even if limited by the cronjob time execution every 1 minute at the moment). I think at this point I'm going to start from mine and implement the 2 seconds reading from there, as I don't really know where to modify yours in order to have it running properly. I'll get back to this post regularly to update you and see if in the meantime you solved the issue! 🙂
  11. Hi vag, can you tell me exactly how you configured kwargs and args in the cronjob? I tested Jason's script as well on my Kona Ev and it doesn't work at all, while my previous script keeps working flawlessly (I'm back to my script actually). Do you need to put token and car_model between apexes ( ' ' ) in the kwargs/args? I tired that as well, without any improvement...
  12. Hello, I was wondering if, due to the fact that the iOs app is leveraging directly on Apple Maps, it could be possible to integrate Apple Maps navigation into ABRP and introduce Apple CarPlay support with a minimum effort. It would be just overkill, as basically all vehicles with a cockpit screen nowadays natively support Apple CarPlay.
  13. @Jason (ABRP) I'm trying out your AutoPi code on a Kona Ev 64kWh: can you tell me exactly how to configure AutoPi cronjob for your code, in every of the following fields? At the moment I've succesfully configured my own code, but only with a cronjob running every minute, but the estimation results are quite poor when driving in transient conditions (e.g. city/extraurban/mountain), while they are good when driving in steady conditions (e.g. highway), so I would like to test your code. Have you found a workaround to run faster than once per minute?

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